Liberal Irish people marching against something that’s a myth in another country while their own government is destroying the very fabric of the country they live in

This story has a few twists..

King Koko @adejokxe : Ireland isn’t racist ?? I was in Galway minding my business then this happened : VIDEO BELOW

Eringobragh : When looking into this the profile highlighted wasn’t on Facebook I found his profile on a different site with that picture.

This one showed up this morning with one other picture viewable and it a is a Irish Tricolor, they will try pass this off as far right

Eringobragh : Another part of this but don’t feel it’s fair to post the woman’s picture but a woman from the same studio that the accused guy attends is very similar to the profile twitter pic of the accuser , the similarities are striking

Koko who screamed racism all day and not denying it didn’t happen but strange it came from a lad who’s an actor