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Immediately after she was officially selected Tuesday, National Right to Life wrote that Sen. Kamala Harris had a perfect 100% voting record with NARAL Pro-Choice and a different kind of “perfect”—0%–voting record from National Right to Life.

National Right to Life President Carol Tobias said of Joe Biden’s choice of Harris to be his vice presidential running mate, “Sen. Harris supports a policy of abortion on demand at anytime, anywhere, and under any circumstance.” Tobias added“Sadly, both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris see the lives of precious unborn babies as expendable. Joe Biden could not have picked a more extreme pro-abortion running mate.”In stark contrast, NARAL President Ilyse Hogue went on and on in her fulsome press release. Here a few excerpts:

* Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Joe Biden not only form a historic ticket, but will also be the perfect ticket to beat Trump in November.

* Vice President Biden and Sen. Harris’ commitment to our fundamental rights will be critical to turning out the vote.

* With our rights and our freedoms under relentless assault by Donald Trump and Mike Pence, our 2.5 million members are ready to mobilize and fight for a better future by electing Biden and Sen. Harris in November.

* Sen. Harris has earned a 100% voting record in NARAL Pro-Choice America’s Congressional Record on Choice every year she has served in the U.S. Senate. She has cosponsored critical legislation to protect and advance reproductive freedom, including the Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA) to protect our right to access abortion care free from medically unnecessary restrictions and bans, the Global HER Act to expand access to reproductive healthcare internationally by permanently ending the global gag rule, and the EACH Woman Act to block racist bans on abortion coverage like the Hyde Amendment once and for all.

You get the drift. Eliminate the “racist” Hyde Amendment which has saved over two million lives, many of whom would be babies of color. And, never to be forgotten, expand the reach of the Abortion Industry into every nook and cranny on the face of the planet.

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What about Planned Parenthood’s political arm? Here are two tweets:

There’s no doubt @KamalaHarris will play a vital role in defeating Donald Trump. Let everyone know who you’re with in this fight! RSVP to the largest-ever virtual @PPact members event 8/18 & join us in the fight to win the White House: #WeDecide2020

In her presidential campaign, Harris attempted to eviscerated Biden at one of the Democrats’ debates in an exchange that was ugly on many levels. Biden fought back and Sen. Harris paid a price. Lesson: she will say pretty much anything if she thinks it will advance her prospects so you better be ready.

During the confirmation of now Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Sen. Harris “tweeted out a video that snipped out a key part of his statement” in order to argue that Kavanaugh had said something (he was “going after birth control”) that he most decidedly had not said.

Even Glenn Kessler, the self-important “Fact Checker” for the Washington Post (whom I just quoted), found this unacceptable. Harris made it worse, Kessler noted, when she “doubled-down” the next day with the same erroneous conclusion.

Kessler awarded Harris “Four Pinocchios”—defined simply as “Whoppers.”

Lesson: Harris will say pretty much anything if she thinks it will advance her prospects, so you better be prepared.

In that sense, NARAL is inadvertently correct. Biden and Harris are, indeed,  “the perfect team.”

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