Semantics is nothing new in this era of doublespeak and the throwaway oxymoron.

The term ‘positive discrimination’ is just one of many oxymorons used to confuse the public. You cannot be positive and discriminatory. One is a positive whilst the other is a negative. But this is the terminology, or as it should rightly be called, the ideology, which has surfaced over past decades whereby political positions have been allocated to under-qualified and quite frankly, useless individuals, based on nothing more disingenuous than the colour of their skin or ethnic background, which is of course racist in and of itself if you use the same logic as the promoters of such idiocy; or negative promotion if you like.

This has filtered through to all sectors of society with businesses coming under pressure to have a certain proscribed percentage of their employees from this or that ethnic group or other sectors deemed to be at a disadvantage of some form.

This pressure on employers is so insidious that many feel they have to take on employees who are neither a good fit for the job requirements in terms of qualifications, but also in terms of general ability to perform the tasks required of any given job. Failure to employ a certain percentage of ethnic minorities, an oxymoron in itself, can lead to charges of racism being brought against them simply due to their choice to employ another better qualified and experienced applicant who just happens to be indigenous to the country in question.

This is insanity, but it is encouraged by agenda led politicians, many who have benefited from this ideology themselves, who don’t give a damn about the welfare of the country, businesses or people in general. This is all about ‘diversity’; that clearly failed ideology which claims that we should all just live in peace and harmony together, when the reality of the situation is that many ethnic groups who are trafficked by the tens of thousands to the last stop before America by corrupt governments all across Europe, have no wish and certainly no intention of integrating into the society they now live in.

I write of course about Ireland, where the education system is now to be destroyed by the same process, with newly arrived immigrants, many of whom can barely speak English, are to be given monetary aid in the form of grants so that they can take up places in higher education. This is despite the fact that the rules for such grants which apply to all Irish children is that they must have spent a minimum of 5 years in an Irish school and achieved the required level of performance. This is called the Leaving Cert; a basic educational level of education.

What we are witnessing is a clear case of discrimination against Irish students who will have achieved the required levels of education, and in many cases far higher, who will be denied access to higher education based on nothing more than the fact that, firstly, they are indigenous, and secondly that there will be a quota system in place to ensure that an ever growing ‘ethnic minority’ will be given preference over them, whether or not they have reached the required level or even attended an Irish school long enough to learn English.

This is educating towards zero.

Employers in the future, whatever is left of them after the criminal destruction of the world economy taking place before our eyes, will have a choice to make based on the same pressures they feel now to employ ‘ethnic minorities’. However, the goalposts have been moved again to allow under-qualified and under-educated individuals to pursue careers with employers who run the risk of again being charged with racism should they not employ such individuals.

This is a race to the bottom and nothing short of extreme idiocracy.