Susan Rice is reportedly on the short list to be former Vice President Joe Biden’s running mate. It would be an odd choice: Rice has never held elective office, and has little popular appeal.

Her record of foreign policy is one of astonishing failure, from the Rwandan genocide to the Benghazi terror attack.

Her main advantage is that she has been loyal to the Democratic Party establishment and the Deep State. Through Rice, the Clintons and Obamas could wield power in a Biden administration.

Among the contenders, Rice has the most extensive record of federal government service, having been UN Ambassador and National Security Advisor (NSA) for President Barack Obama, and Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs under President Bill Clinton.

She also has what HuffPost calls a “mysterious gap in her resume,” working as a private consultant for foreign governments from 2001 to 2002. Rice has not yet revealed the names of her clients during that time.

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