I know you are trying to understand the Covi-scam. Essentially, according to Dr Judy Mikovits, the two big public health messages are: No flu v#accine and no mask wearing.

This is set out below with links.

There is a long-read attachment which contains 200-pages of rough notes (do not quote them as verbatim, they are only a rough transcript – the attached document is her full explanation of everything: origin, spread, treatment, what real Covi is), but in short:  

* The authorities are falsely trying to pretend that herd immunity and greater number of tests of people who are not sick represent some sort of ‘second wave’.

The authorities falsely claim that people with c#ronavirus antibodies and no symptoms are now the problem. The promotion of ‘Zero C#vid’ is propaganda. Zero C#vid would mean no disease (which there were very few cases of anyway).

What the authorities do now is use the phrase Zero C#vid to refer to the virus. The virus and the disease are not the same thing. The virus is nothing to worry about once people are immune (which most are).

* The death rate (suspiciously catalogued anyway) has collapsed.

There is next to nobody with the rare disease C#vid-19 in intensive care units.

The authorities are left with the con trick of ‘cases’, meaning past infections. These people are not cases. They do not have disease.

If they do not have disease, they are either immune or have been diagnosed incorrectly (the PCR swab test was not invented as a diagnostic tool). Even the more accurate (but rarely used) blood antibody testing can throw up cross reactive results to similar family members of c#ronaviruses.

* All of the different types of test, which vary widely in accuracy, are being lumped together in the same bucket.

* There are also reports of the same people being tested over and over again and each new test on the same person is being added to a tally count.

* An IgG blood antibody means someone is immune for life. This does not help the authorities so now they are pretending that an IgG antibody fades away and might only last 12 months. This is bare-faced lying.

The authorities propagandise by talking about rising infection levels, which is merely more tests finding past infections.  The authorities other big propagand tool the use of masks to manufacture consent for a v#ccine.

The summer is here, which is preventing spread through sunlight and hotter temperatures.

Moreover, at the SARS-Cov-2 virus moves through the population, the HIV spikes that it acquired from being grown in Vero E6 monkey kidney cells are falling off it.

Nature has spotted that this SARS-Cov-2 virus is an unnatural, man-made virus and is removing the HIV spike proteins.

These HIV sequences would have latched on to white blood cells and distracted the immune system, thereby allowing dormant viruses to wake up. This would have helped to generate disease.

Viruses rarely get to carry out their damage on their own.

They can recombine inside the human body, with one part dealing with one part of the immune system and another part doing the damage elsewhere.

The HIV sequences on the SARS-Cov-2 virus are part of what drove death and severe disease. Along with incorrect treatments such as ventilators.

Our two big jobs are to educate people about the whole background of fraud. And

1) Do not get a flu v#ccine. The authorities are promoting the flu v#ccine to try to drive a second wave. The flu v#ccines are driving the spread of the SARS-Cov-2 c#ronavirus.  

2) Do not wear a mask. It is immune suppressive and creates a dirty virus factory in the mouth. This will make people less healthy. Masks are a way of manufactuing consent for a C#vid v#ccine.

Peter Breggin interviews Dr Judy Mikovits 17 June 2020

45 mins

PETER BREGGIN: In mid-January, my wife and I, Ginger, got very ill with an upper respiratory infection. We both have some degree of asthma. Under the guidance of our asthma doctor, we had to take double our recommended doses to try to keep ourselves breathing.

We were the sickest we have ever been in or lives. Classically for the current c#ronavirus, Ginger lost her sense of smell and taste. The coughs were dry. This just kept going on and on. I think it took us until very recently to recover.

As we began to recover, despite our usual skepticism about the flu v#ccine, we decided to get the flu v#ccine. We have never done this before.

Fortunately, Ginger was skeptical and did not want the flu v#ccine for the old folks [these are the strongest versions], even the pharmacist was skeptical about such a potent flu v#ccine.

We both got very sick within days again. Ginger was so sick that I had to use a wheelchair to bring her into the ER.

We were both diagnosed with Type A of the flu virus. We tested negative in the blood antibody test for c#ronavirus. This surprised us.

Can you comment on this?

DR MIKVOVITS: This is the most important comment I have for today. The US government is telling people to get flu v#ccines in the summer to prevent a second wave of SARS-Cov-2.

If people get these flu v#ccines, we will see a second wave in the US. The flu v#ccines are a live, attenuated virus that is grown in animal cells that have c#ronaviruses in them.

The Type A flu virus that you got is the v#ccine strain.  

You had already had an infection that probably had a c#ronavirus component.

By taking a v#ccine, you severely inflamed yourself with the same inflammatory signature of disease.  

The Type A strain took hold and you would be shedding that Type A flu virus, which can be spread and make other people sick. You can shed c#ronaviruses as well that could pass to other people in water droplets.  

If you were to have worn a mask for more than 5-10 minutes, you would have suppressed your adaptive immune response. These are your CD 4 T-cells. It is the immune response. It is not the pathogen.

It does such damage to your lungs that if you had worn a mask, you would create a virus factory in your mouth. You would re-inhale and put yourself under oxidative stress.

Wearing a mask gives people a false sense that they are helping people. They are hurting themselves. They are hurting other people because they now have a virus factory in their mouths.


Brannon Howse interviews Dr Judy Mikovits 21 July 2020

32 mins

INTERVIEWER:  How does SARS-Cov-2 spread?

DR MIKVOVITS: It is my opinion, and the data supports this, SARS-Cov-2 spreads from within. You activate latent and quiescent infections. If you wear a mask, you immune suppress yourself. If you wear a mask, you deplete yourself of oxygen.

Flu v#ccinations make you more susceptible to a coronavirus infection.

If you inject live, attenuated influenza along with several coronaviruses mixed in there somewhere, you are spreading that virus. You are shedding those viruses to other people.  

I say that c#ronaviruses are spreading via injection and compromised immunity because of the mask and much less so by person to person contact. The data show very clearly that this is not spreading by person to person contact as the primary mode of transmission.

If you talk normally to someone, you are not producing droplets. If you are wearing a mask, it can become moist. You can concentrate viral droplets and viral particles in your mask. Your mouth becomes an incubator.

They are going to go right through the mask. You concentrate a human environment. That mask becomes wet. They are becoming concentrated.  


[Data published in a study published in 2019 by Dr Greg Wolff said that the supposed benefits of viral interference were not true in relation to c#ronaviruses. In fact, the flu v#ccines were accelerating c#ronaviruses.]  


Brannon Howse interviewing Dr. Judy Mikovits
7 May 2020

37 minutes

The study that looked at flu v#ccine effects on the US military was carried out in 2017-2018
The study was published by Greg Wolff 10 October 2019

It showed that influenza v#ccination may increase the risk of other respiratory viruses.  
The conclusion of that study was that v#ccine-derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus and human metapneumovirus. Being given yet another v#ccine in your life increases the risk, because your immune system is taken off in a different direction.  You increase the risk of getting a different kind of upper respiratory infection.

The conclusion of that study is that receiving an influenza v#ccine significantly associated with a c#ronavirus infection increased the risk of infection, and increased the risk of infection from a virus known as human metapneumovirus, which is another kind of RNA virus.

Yet we are told to get these v#ccinations. Those at the most risk of dying are still being told by the US authorities to get these influenza v#ccines knowing it will cause the outbreaks.

This is infection by injection. The infection of SARS-Cov-2 has much less to do with human to human contact and people not wearing masks and much more to do with injection.

SARS-Cov-2 is certainly contagious. SARS-Cov-2 certainly can be transferred from human to human. The simple fact is most people have not been exposed in a person to person way.

43 mins  

INTERVIEWER: Is this like the normal flu? Is it more contagious or less contagious?

DR MIKOVITS: By itself, the virus SARS-Cov-2 causes little more than a mild flu, an upper respiratory infection.

There is clear evidence of this from all of the data.

Some people are immune. You will hear about asymptomatic carriers.

Only the elderly and those with significant co-morbidities like chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders are vulnerable.

Essentially, nobody has shown me evidence that this virus, by itself, has killed anyone.

And yet the disease called C#vid-19 is said to be associated with all kinds of clinical symptoms that have nothing to do with a c#ronavirus infection. This suggests there are other environmental toxins and other viruses in play, which have been transmitted into people through v#ccines, that are really associated with what C#vid-19 is.  

By and large, the hospitals around the world seem to have been told to diagnose C#vid-19 for anyone who walks into a hospital. We do not hear about influenza any more. Where did the flu go?

The people who are dying with the rare cases of genuine C#vid-19 are the people who years earlier would have died of v#ccine injuries. The flu v#ccine kills many elderly every year. I know this from acting as an expert witness in the US v#ccine court.

The elderly can die from these flu v#ccines. Put simply, they cannot handle them. They do not have the detox ability and other drug interactions.

Jerome Corsi interviews Dr Judy Mikovits

DR MIKOVITS: It is clear now that SARS-Cov-2 does not cause Covid-19.

We see data now from Dr Vladimir Zelenko’s work in New York. Use an antibiotic. Use Azithromycin along with hydroxychloroquine and zinc. Because it is the co-factors. It is the bacterial infections and other things going on that drive the flame, the inflammation. The immune system going out of control. Calm everything down.

Do not throw gasoline on a fire. We know that the influenza v#ccines were driving the infection and the disease because they were turning the flame up [the inflammation]. That is what a v#ccine is intended to do.

You do not give somebody three other upper respiratory tract infections from another RNA virus if you want to prevent the disease development from an upper respiratory infection of another RNA virus family. You do not do that.

A comparison exists between HIV versus AIDS and SARS-Cov-2 versus Covid-19. HIV is the infection. AIDS is the disease.

The idea is not to wake the HIV virus up if the immune system has it under control.

Strengthen the immune system. Make sure no other infections are there.

Make sure you are not exposed to bacterial infections.

V#ccines do not necessarily prevent disease. They are giving you an infection so that your immune system remembers the infection. They do not prevent transmission. They are supposed to prevent you from getting disease.

However, you do not infect somebody with something else if you do not want to wake up another infection.

The two of them can synergise to cause a far more dangerous disease. It is like throwing gasoline on a fire.

In HIV AIDS and in SARS-Cov-2 C#vid-19, the infection is not the disease. The disease is in fact the immune dysregulation.

Is it the infectious agent? Or the response to the infectious agent?

That is the key question.

30 mins
DR MIKOVITS: There is no such thing as an ‘asymptomatic carrier’ of SARS-Cov-2. C#ronaviruses are not in your cells forever. You clear it with your immune response. That is what an antibody antigen complex is. Out of the body: in the urine, in the faeces. All the studies say that.

46 mins
DR MIKOVITS: To avoid C#vid-20 or ‘the second wave’ two things have to happen. No mask. No v#ccine of any kind. No v#ccine. It will drive the inflammation. Flu v#ccines are loaded with c#ronaviruses. The worst flu v#ccine was the one they used in Italy in 2019 [in relation to driving C#vid-19].

That is the v#ccine that is being proposed is used in the US this year [2020]. The flu v#ccine used in Italy had an H1N1 strain in it. This is one of the most dangerous, toxic strains of influenza we have seen. And this drove a lot of deaths in Italy [connected to Covid-19]. It was given to the most compromised: the elderly.

I argue that the deaths we have seen from Covid-19 were v#ccine-driven deaths. Of course, nobody will let us look. I say this with confidence because I have acted as an expert witness in the US v#ccine court. I was an expert witness on cases of at least four deaths of the elderly within weeks of receiving the flu v#ccine. Those cases were about the 2015 v#ccine.

No v#ccines ever again until they have all been safety tested. Not one.

The data are clear. The flu v#ccines are driving the fire of the infection into disease. The infection is not the disease. We have preventive strategies. We have treatment strategies. We can keep those people well.

But the first thing you do not do is drive the virus transmission and disease development with the mask and with the v#ccine.

54 mins
DR MIKOVITS: Nobody has ever shown me any evidence anybody ever died from SARS-Cov-2. You do not die with an infection. You die from an infection.

There is no evidence that SARS-Cov-2, by itself, killed anybody.

If you get a v#ccine and wear a mask, you will test positive. You will raise your temperature. You will activate those c#ronaviruses you have already been injected with from whatever v#ccines you already have in you. Those v#ccines are made in cow blood, pig blood, dog blood, monkey blood. All of those animals have c#ronaviruses. Flu. Bird flu. Remember bird flu?

All those animals have these things and they all cause upper respiratory infection. So you will test positive.

The testing is meaningless. And that is why they control the testing.

This is the first ‘disease’ where the authorities say: ‘You have a piece of RNA, which means you are diseased.’

No. You are a healthy person. A healthy person does not spread disease.

57 mins
DR MIKOVITS: 50 per cent of our kids have asthma in the US [most of it from the v#ccines]. You cannot breathe if you have asthma. Are you going to inject those kids with an upper respiratory infection? With a flu v#ccine? You are going to kill them.

The v#ccinated people are making people sick. They shed the virus through the mask. The mask creates a virus factory.

If you get the flu v#ccine and wear a mask, you will kill yourself.  

If you received the flu v#ccine, you were injected with three or four live influenza viruses. Then you wore a mask and suppressed the memory immune response you needed, the CD4 T cells that you need to fight that infection. And you are shedding it. And coughing it right through the mask.

So you think you are protected by that mask. And those people that got that flu v#ccine. In fact, those are the people spreading the flu and the c#ronavirus. That is what the data show.

The v#ccine is not a prevention. The v#ccinated people are spreading the disease.