Helena Handbasket

It’s difficult to tell these days to what passes as sanity within the multitudes of the general public.

Living in Florida, where the chances of a common cold virus surviving in 100+ degree temperatures day by day is minimal at best and generally impossible, it is actually frightening to see the level of compliance to the mask Nazis of Walmart and other corporate retail outlets.

This doesn’t just take place within the stores. People are walking about outdoors with these oxygen depleting gags glued to their faces. It’s also noticeable that the fear has been ramped up to such a degree that ordinary surgical masks have now been virtually abandoned with thicker, and in many cases ‘fashionable’ masks now being worn by teenagers, and in many cases, young children. This is child abuse.

We are witnessing the demise of humanity to the level of mindless flocks of sheep being manipulated by very bad shepherds to their ultimate slaughter in whatever form that may manifest itself. Right now it seems to be self-inflicted as people comply to their new slave masters of the corporate world. In the near future, no doubt, the corporate world will demand temperature checks, negative Covid-19 tests and ultimately vaccines before people will be allowed to enter the premises. The public are being conditioned to accept corporate bullying as their new abnormal whilst government can sit back and watch events unfold taking no responsibility for the actions of corporate giants who will in effect dictate who can and cannot function or engage in society without adhering to their tyrannical rules.

Governments will have nothing to say about such rules and simply kick the can of responsibility down the road, handing the levers of power over to the private sector which will ultimately enforce control over society through the corporate Fascist system now firmly entrenched across the world.

Access to the essentials of life will be denied to those who attempt in any way to flout such Draconian rules and will be left with a life and death decision to comply or not, simply to survive.

I doubt many will have a choice. We all need access to food and other essentials, particularly those living in climates where winters can be severe and access to fuel is essential to heat their homes.

Travel will be made impossible as the walls close in and your permission to enter other regions, whether local, national or international will be shut down completely unless you are part of an elite group or deemed essential to the tyrannical global system.

Nothing will ever be normal again.

It’s highly frustrating to hear so many openly believing that this will all be over after the US election. What will the excuse be when it inevitably gets worse? Who will they blame?

I think the non-conformists are going to hit the headlines with naming and shaming becoming the norm. Contract tracers, who have not really been reported much in the media, will come to the fore and the new Stasi will ramp up its terror campaign visiting primarily those whom they know to be non-compliant.

How will they know who isn’t complying?

The technology of facial recognition has been around for a long time at this stage and we’re about to see it put to its full potential in identifying those in the first instance who don’t wear a mask. This data can be collected at any store with cameras installed; generally every mainstream supermarket and shopping center. Of course, anywhere you go within view of a camera on the street can then be tracked and you can be picked up as a danger to the public health of the collective.

You could well find yourself in prison or a mental health institution for re-education purposes or worse, for the rest of your life, however long you are allowed to live.

This sounds like some kind of poorly scripted dystopian B movie, but the reality is that we’re are already living in one.

Look around you. Look at the talking heads on TV. Have you ever seen such a sorry bunch of pathetic actors to grace the stage of world opinion?

Look at the public. Look at your neighbours. Listen to what they’re saying to each other as they line up to buy their meagre supplies at the local corporate food stores.

What do you see and hear?

I see terrified people, brainwashed by 85” plasma TV screens, sheep controlled by wolves, complaining about the good shepherds trying to warn them of their impending ruin in terms of their economic ability to survive and the prison being built around them. The non-compliant are the enemy.

You get the blank stares or the dirty looks, the ‘conspiracy theory’ tagline spills from their mouths and all you can do is shrug your shoulders and move on…

How much will it take to stir people into some form of resistance? How much will they take and comply with willingly? How much is enough? How much is too much?

Time will tell but time is short.