If you were to decide that you didn’t wish to comply with the face
covering mandate in shops, for either health or citizens’ rights
reasons, we have attached our own homemade face covering declaration
label which you are welcome to use if you would like.

It is 2 sided A4 and there are 6 labels on a page. The second side of 3
of the labels asks that people don’t ask about any medical conditions
unless they are my doctor. People don’t have the right to ask for your

The other 3 labels show pictures of masks on the back and you might
choose these ones under certain circumstances.  The mask picture is
copied from www.credence.org [1]

Or make your own and you could copy ours in whatever way you wish.

This is what we are going to use and we thought that you might find it
helpful if it is your choice not to wear a mask. We are sure there’ll be
better labels out there, we’ve seen some good ones but these are the
quickest to make and the easiest to print.

We are concerned about the health implications like hypoxia, but more
than that we are concerned about the slippery slope of government
overreach into our lives. We feel that we need to stand up for ourselves
at this point before it goes any further. If these masks had been shown
to work (see the attached summary of the research) we might feel more
compliant, but as they don’t work and we are suspicious of the motives
behind them, we feel that we personally need to make a stand especially
for those amongst us who are feeling very vulnerable about the mandate
and about standing against them on their own.