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Kelly Justkel

Dear Ms. Lee,

I am writing today to outline some concerns I have regarding a book available to children in the library.

Earlier today I called my local Library and spoke with Julie. She informed me Beyond Magenta by Susan Kulkin is available to children in the child/teen section.

You may be aware that the book has sparked international outrage because of some very disturbing passages.

One young adult interviewed for the book describes performing and “loving” oral sex from the age of six. Alarmingly there is no immediate clarification for young readers that this is illegal and damaging behaviour.

Whilst it is important for children and teens to have resources to identify abuse. I am of the opinion this book seeks to normalize abuse and even paedophilia.

When I spoke with Julie today she was unaware of the books controversy. In my view this book should only be given to a child with Parental guidance if at all, to be honest. I’m certain many parents would be quite upset if they knew the library is letting children borrow and read this book thinking it must be reviewed by the tax payer funded library board and suitable for their children.

We have seen groups such as ‘Glitter Hole’ seek to hold ‘Drag Story Time’ events in libraries in Dublin. Thankfully parents groups and concerned citizens lobbied to get these inappropriate events cancelled. It has also come to the attention of parents these performers would have not have been Gardai vetted before allowed access to their children which I find very unsettling.

I am hoping my e-mail sparks a conversation and perhaps some safeguarding standards for what children are being exposed to under the guise of regular LBGT education.

I personally know many people of the LGBT community and I have no issues with their life choices. My only concern is for the innocence of Children and what they are being exposed to in the pursuit of acceptance and equality. In my opinion the eventual acceptance of Paedophilia as a sexual orientation.

I thank you for taking the time to read my e-mail on this very sensitive subject. I hope I haven’t caused any offense. I realise raising these issues are often perceived as homophobic which I reject completely. Equating these very genuine concerns regarding the sexualisation of children and homosexuality is in my view very damaging.

Yours sincerely


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