By Helena Handbasket, July 17th 2020

Following the decision of the latest Irish puppet Taoiseach Micheál Martin to keep Irish pubs closed until August 10th, let’s look at the illogical lunacy and hypocrisy of this fool.

The current rules regarding the reopening ‘roadmap’ state that

  • Face coverings must be worn in all shops and retail settings and shopping centres. Retail staff will also be required to wear them unless there is a partition in place or there is a space of 2 metres between them and customers.
  • Pubs, bars, hotel bars, nightclubs and casinos will remain closed until 10 August. Pubs currently serving food can remain open.
  • Social visits to people’s homes should be limited to a max of ten people from no more than four different households.
  • Current restrictions of 50 people in indoor gatherings, 200 at outdoor gatherings is being extended until 10 August.
  • It is continuing to advise against all non-essential travel.

The first rule makes the idiotic assumption that a plastic screen partition will stop the airborne transmission of a virus, and yet, we’re told this is ‘science’. And wearing a face nappy masquerading as a hazmat suit won’t fare any better.

The second is even more bizarre in that pubs serving food can remain open but pubs not serving food must remain closed. Is it just me or is this the epitome of stupidity in that, again, there seems to be lunacy involved here. Seemingly the virus only exists where it can get a meal.

The third is equally bizarre. 10 people from 4 different households can meet in a home. Again, where is the logic in this? How is this in any way scientific? Any one of those people could be infected with anything, never mind the elusive Covid-19, although it’s probably feasting in one of those pubs and enjoying itself too much to bother.

The fourth is the real kicker though.

One of the most important dates in the Muslim calendar comes along next week with the Islamic world ready to celebrate Eid Al Adha; the ‘Festival of Sacrifice’. Mainstream media is reporting that the slaughter of live animals would not be taking place in Croke Park, but let’s be clear, without a sacrifice there is no festival. If it was actually the case that this would not happen, then why is it even going ahead at all? And why on such an Irish symbolic stage as Croke Park? It remains to be seen if live animals are indeed slaughtered, but I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case.

But the fact remains, this event is expected to be attended by 500 people, clearly breaking the current rules imposed on every other sector in Irish society. The maximum number of people allowed to attend any outdoor gathering is currently 200. Why is this event allowed to have such a large crowd?,to%20allow%20for%20social%20distancing.

The last, which will again be ignored by the 500+ attending Croke Park, is that all non-essential travel is being advised against.

Previous Muslim festivals have taken place in people’s homes, but of course, that could well involve members of more than 4 households gathering in the one place.

The blatant hypocrisy is astonishing.

Whilst the Irish economy is being deliberately decimated by political puppets, Muslim festivals are allowed to go ahead, regardless of any perceived public health threat, according to the prostitute ‘scientific advisors’ who have made this nonsense up from day one.

But let’s look at some figures.

Across the world governments keep telling us how many cases there are and the horrendous increases in such figures. However, there is no corresponding increase in death rates. This isn’t a matter of rocket science when you consider that as more people are supposedly tested, although that in itself is a dubious claim, death rates will inevitably keep decreasing as no massive body count materialises as a result of growing numbers of people found to be or to have been infected with a common cold virus, which I would suggest, virtually everyone in Ireland, and in any northern hemisphere countries has had at some point in their lives, and therefore carries the antibodies which are being used to identify Covid-19 cases.

The CDC in the United States admits this.

What do your results mean?

If you test positive

  • A positive test result shows you may have antibodies from an infection with the virus that causes COVID-19. However, there is a chance a positive result means that you have antibodies from an infection with a virus from the same family of viruses (called coronaviruses), such as the one that causes the common cold.

This is not science, this is voodoo at best. The clear manipulation of numbers and corresponding data regarding the rate of infection to death rates is utterly bogus and indefensible when the facts are known; and they are known in regard to the death rates against infection rates, regardless of the fact that both numbers have been grossly inflated to push the WEF’s Great reset agenda.

The current deaths as I write, which are branded as Covid-19 deaths for whatever dubious reason, stand at 1,749. The current cases number stands at 25,698.

When the government presents these figures it gives a death rate of 6.8% of those infected dying from Covid. But wait a minute, the assumption here is that only 25,698 people have been infected.

If everyone in Ireland was tested, I’ve no doubt that the number of ‘infected’ cases would soar, but at the same time there would be huge numbers who would test negative too.

The only accurate figure of the potential death rate in Ireland, and anywhere else in the world for that matter, is to assume that the whole population is tested.

This would give the real death rate as a percentage of the population, not just a minimum group of supposedly tested individuals.

So, the current population of Ireland being 4,904,000, with ‘cases’ currently standing at 25,698, the percentage of ‘cases’ in the Irish population is 0.52%.

Not all of these have died of course. There have only been 1,749 alleged deaths due to Covid-19.

The real death rate percentage is the number of deaths related to the population which gives a very different figure. 4,904,000 / 1749 x 100 = 0.036%. (But bear in mind, these are the official deliberately inflated numbers used by the government and yet we can see that the death rate is still extremely low.)

The same nonsense regarding rates of infection, cases, is being pushed hard by those in power to keep the jackboot on our necks whilst they continue their machinations towards January 2021 and the goal of the World Economic Forum criminals to enforce their Great reset on the world, which was clearly planned well in advance of this scamdemic. This will not end well…