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Benjamin “Miriam” Eagles Wood-Pavicich was charged with assaulting a federal officer at a Portland Antifa riot. Photo: Kalen D’Almeida

A 21-year-old transsexual woman was arrested by federal authorities in Portland, Ore. at an Antifa riot.

Benjamin “Miriam” Eagles Wood-Pavicich was charged with assaulting a federal officer on July 6 outside the Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse. The building has been a target for vandalism and arson by Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters for weeks. The Department of Homeland Security deployed federal agents to protect the site earlier this month, leading to the arrest and charging of a dozen other assault and vandalism suspects.

Ms. Wood-Pavicich is from Tucson, Ariz. but is studying at Reed College, a prestigious private liberal arts college in Portland.

Details on her role in the assault and riot are not immediately known but she leaves behind a trail of evidence showing her interest in radical anarchism and trans identity.

In a post on the “anarchism” subreddit addressed to fellow “comrades” last week, she asks for someone to send her a copy of the text, Anarchy Works: Examples of Anarchist Ideas in Practice.

“If any of yall have a paper copy I would love to have/borrow it, I can pay for shipping if you want. Once I am done I can return it to you or pass it on to a local comrade,” Ms. Wood-Pavicich wrote. The author of the manual she requests is Peter Gelderloos, an extremist anarchist activist whose writings are heavily disseminated by Antifa groups, like Rose City Antifa. His most well-known book is How Nonviolence Protects the State, which provides the theoretical justifications for political violence and terrorism.

Her other posts on social media focus on the intersection of far-left politics and transsexuality. In May, downtown Portland was convulsed by hours of riots, arson attacks and looting. Her post on Reddit seems to indicate she was there.ADs

All that tear gas made me need to pee. Good thing there is a ladies bathroom here,” she wrote with an accompanying photo of an H&M storefront. H&M was one of the stores smashed and looted during the first night of Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioting in Portland. “There was nowhere in private to pee so the boarded up windows of this trash corporation was the next best thing.”

The H&M store in downtown Portland was looted in a Black Lives Matter and Antifa riot. Photo: Andy Ngo

When not posting about anarchist politics and her hatred of law enforcement, Ms. Wood-Pavicich inquired frequently about sexual advice.ADs

What is your experience with erections after starting [hormone replacement therapy]?” She asked a subreddit forum last year. “Do you have any advice on what to do if I cannot get or stay hard?” In a later post, she talked about having a “female penis.”

“In my view my penis does not conflict with [being male to female] at all. It’s part of my body and I am female so my penis is a female sex organ,” she wrote.

Based on known identities of those arrested at violent Antifa protests in Portland since 2016, a disproportionate number are transgender and non-binary.ADs

Ms. Wood-Pavicich has not commented publicly on her arrest but in a recent post, she may have implicated herself on the federal assault charge. On July 4, she posted: “Since taking estrogen I have the mental stability to fight cops all summer long. This is what conservatives are scared of.”

Her next court date is on Sept. 8. Her lawyer has been reached for comment.

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