Ghislaine Maxwell has been denied bail. Now to ensure her guards have enough coffee to get through the night without napping, and double-check the security cameras.


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Maxwell’s accusers weighed in during her bail hearing, with one Jane Doe insisting “If she [Maxwell] is out, I need to be protected,” adding “Her sole purpose is that of self-preservation.”

Another accuser, Annie Farmer, pushed for no bail, claiming that Ghislaine is a “sexual predator” who never showed any remorse.

Arguing for bail, Maxwell’s attorney Cohen argued that it’s “not realistic” to assume they can prepare for trial with Maxwell in custody during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instead, he argued that Maxwell should be released with strict conditions, adding that she’s not Epstein, “she’s not the monster” she’s made out to be.

Her defense has argued that she serve her pretrial detention in a luxury hotel in Manhattan.

Ghislaine Maxwell has pleaded not guilty to charges in connection with Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged criminal sex-trafficking of minors.

In a remote appearance from a New York detention facility on Tuesday, the UK socialite was dressed in a brown shirt and her hair tied back into a bun as she waived her right to be physically present, according to the Daily Mail.

The 58-year-old would be confined to a home in the New York area, surrender all her travel documents and be subject to GPS monitoring.

She faces up to 35 years in prison if found guilty of the charges, as prosecutors argue that along with her three passports, connections to some of the world’s most powerful people and her own fortune – Maxwell has every incentive to try and flee. -Daily Mail

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Ghislaine Maxwell – who’s facing six charges in New York over her alleged role in Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile sex-trafficking ring, is also under investigation in the US Virgin Islands.

The revelation comes in a July 10 filing to intervene in a lawsuit Maxwell filed against Epstein’s estate seeking reimbursement for legal fees, and claiming that Epstein had repeatedly promised to support her financially, according to The Sun.

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