By Helena Handbasket, July 12th 2020

Yesterday’s March For Innocence, which took place outside the parliament building in Dublin’s city centre, Dáil Éireann, was well attended. Concerned Irish parents and individuals attended the event to listen to speakers sharing their concerns at the political establishments apparent apathy and acceptance regarding the disgusting relationship between the new Minister for Children, Roderic O’Gorman and the notorious pedophile advocate Peter Tatchell.

But they went further, calling out the connections between Tatchell and the Irish education system in their program entitled ‘Educate & Celebrate’, using him in some form of consultation capacity to work around Irish parents’ outrage and legitimate concerns regarding the type of sex education they receive in Irish schools under the auspices of the United Nations’ WHO sex education guidelines. You can read more from the WHO document here:-

He is also the Patron of Educate & Celebrate.

If you read the page above you must realise that this is just a cover for his more insidious activities. A person who advocates for pedophila does not care about human rights or the poverty stricken and hungry people of the third world. I can make this statement quite clearly because he obviously does not care about such issues in the developed world where those problems are rampant. Ireland is no different, and yet, buddy Roderic O’Gorman’s first announcement after taking up his post as Minister for Children was that children would be allowed to legally change their gender.

Is this really a priority for children in Ireland as they go hungry and homeless, many living with abusive parents or in inadequate state accommodation?

Child poverty: the numbers and the reality

  • Approximately 230,000 children are living in poverty in Ireland today – that is one in five children under 18.  These children are living in families with incomes below the poverty line.
  • 1 in 4 children are living in households experiencing deprivation of two or more basic necessities.
  • Approximately 110,000 children are living in consistent poverty – which means they are living in households with incomes below the poverty line and also experiencing deprivation.,two%20or%20more%20basic%20necessities.

The numbers of child abuse cases is so large that even the mainstream media can’t ignore it, much as they’d want to I’m sure. In much the same way as their silence on pedophilia speaks volumes as to where they stand on that issue.

They are complicit in it.

But as is typical of mainstream media, judging from the numbers stated in the articles above, they can’t even agree on that simple point.

But getting back to Tatchell’s involvement in Irish education.

Where is the newly appointed Minister for Education? Is she hiding behind Roderic O’Gorman’s petticoats?

What is her stance on this issue? It should be disgust.

Is she supportive of Peter Tatchell’s invited interference in the education of Irish children and the manipulation of parents to circumvent the filth being passed off as sex education by coming up with ways to deceive parents and therefore alienate them from their children’s understanding of what is and isn’t normal in the world regarding gender and sex in general?

The question has already been asked but I’ve yet to see any statement from Norma Foley in this regard.


This should be taken in the context of Peter Tatchell being the Patron of the organisation Educate & Celebrate which is openly involved in the indoctrination of the abnormal sexual activity he is involved in and has promoted for decades; the legalisation of pedophilia.

Roderic O’Gorman has committed his first act to satisfy the perverted cravings of the likes of Tatchell and his buddies when he announced that children could legally change their gender without parental interference.

This is only the first crumb of sexual gratification for the pedophile perverts who want to have the right to rape children without any fear of reprisals from the legal establishment.

That being the case, you would have to seriously question a legal establishment that condones such depravity and also view them as complicit in it; if not actively involved in some cases.

Anyone, or any organisation, that condones such sexual deviant policies has a good reason for doing so and it’s certainly not in the best interests of the children.

The question must be then….


The answer is simple…