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In this edition of SPOTM: Ennio Morricone, Lady Gaga, Bill Gates, Ghislaine Maxwell, and Vogue magazine in full propaganda mode.

The June edition of Vogue Portugal was dubbed “The Madness Issue” and it was very poorly received by readers who accused it of “glamorizing mental illness”. On this cover, a model is in some sort of mental institution as she is being bathed by stern-looking models. Vogue released several covers for this bad idea and all of them point in a specific direction: Occult mind control.

An alternate cover of the same issue depicts children (I think) hiding under the black dress of an ominous-looking person. That person is holding a bell which, in this context, appears to be used as a pavlovian trigger. In other words, this picture symbolizes mind control.

Another alternate cover depicts a black-clad individual holding a human heart – as if it was the result of a blood sacrifice.

Another disturbing ad promoting the series. The normalization of the elite’s sickness continues.

This is Ghislaine Maxwell and Kevin Spacey sitting on a throne of the Buckingham Palace. As you might know, Ghislaine Maxwell was an intricate part of Epstein’s pedophile ring and Kevin Spacey is a complete psychopath whose accusers have been mysteriously dying. This picture sums up perfectly what kind of people are sitting at the throne of the world today.

In the past weeks, there’s been a wave of news articles “debunking” theories about Bill Gates – despite the fact that he is actively working on creating a digital ID system linked to a worldwide vaccine. Since symbols rule the world (not words), Bill’s “all-seeing eye” inside a triangle actually confirms that he is, indeed, going for a massive power grab using COVID panic.

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