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The furore over the new Minister for Children Roderic O’Gorman has brought about a shock for many parents regarding the extent to which foreign extremists have a hand in crafting Irish policies. What might shock them more is that the proliferation of LGBT propaganda in Ireland did not happen by accident, it is part of a wider coordinated effort to dismantle Christian society, not just in the West but as far as deep into the heart of Africa.

That statement stands as a sweeping one to anyone with a passing interest so it is worth analysing it in closer detail, looking specifically at Tatchell’s interactions with three world leaders, Robert Mugabe, Pope Benedict XVI and Vladimir Putin. Peter Tatchell is not now, nor ever was, some well-meaning but aloof human rights activist. Where many LGBT activists can keep the mask of respectability hidden for a period of time, Tatchell has rarely been able to present himself in a manner that was not erratic, unhinged and deeply sinister.

A native Australian, Tatchell is as Anglo in his outlook as can be imagined. What does this mean? His view of world events is completely Anglo-centric, he sees the world as revolving around London, his outbursts and rhetoric are a compilation of Reformation polemics with a dash of Enlightenment morality.

He spent the early days of his activism ‘outing’ prominent homosexuals who were married, he invaded cathedrals and interrupted sermons and most significantly, attempted to ‘arrest’ world leaders. There were his days advocating for lowering the age of consent and writing an obituary for the founder of the Paedophile Information Exchange, but those are merely secondary to his wider worldview.

Tatchell twice tried to ‘arrest’ the infamous Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe. During one of the attempts, Tatchell was punched by Mugabe’s bodyguards. Tatchell’s opposition to Mugabe was feted as being one of defiant opposition to his human rights record. Mugabe had another perspective on the matter. For him, Tatchell had been deliberately sent to humiliate him. Tatchell’s behaviour was so offensive that it eventually led to a breakdown in Mugabe’s relationship with British negotiators over land redistribution.

This suspicion was that Tatchell’s views too often coincided with those of the British authorities to be considered coincidental, Tatchell later even acted as Press Spokesman for the Zimbabwean Freedom movement which was a clandestine group geared towards overthrowing Mugabe’s role. Mugabe, like Colonel Gaddafi, was dangerous in the eyes of the Western elites for his position as a man who tempted Africans by being a symbol of identity that was something other than Anglophone secularism. This was the reason for his putrid vile hurled at Pope Benedict XVI.

During Benedict’s wildly successful 2010 visit to the UK, Tatchell was the ringleader of those threatening to arrest the pope. Every insult was hurled at Benedict, he was a Nazi, a paedophile, a homophobe. But the most telling criticism was from one of Tatchell’s cronies who claimed, ‘The truth is that the Pope is the Prince of Dark and we are here defending the Enlightenment’. A prince of dark in this instance is not someone opposed to logic, Benedict is by any account amongst the most prominent half dozen living intellectuals, rather someone standing in the way of the materialism that Tatchell and his followers devote themselves to.

The Enlightenment did not lead to anyone becoming particularly enlightened, it brought us to where we are now, wherein something as innately obvious as the existence of male and female is supressed lest the fantasy of supposed human rights be trumped. Tatchell, interestingly enough, also repeatedly called for the pope to resign. Benedict, for people who do not know, laicized more priests convicted of abuse than any other pope. His resignation came during a time where his private letters were being leaked, where the Obama administration was known to have bugged the subsequent conclave and where a ‘lavender mafia’ of influential abusive priests like Cardinal McCarrick were undermining the pope while becoming pally with the likes of George W. Bush, Bono and even the Chinese Communist Party.

What is the connection here with O’Gorman? In 2018, Tatchell attended the World Cup in Russia and denounced Vladimir Putin’s human rights record. The World Cup in 2018 was a colossal blow to Western media efforts to discredit Russia, after repeated warnings about gays not being welcome and Russian mobs attacking fans, the event went off without a hitch. Tatchell’s attempt to humiliate Putin and the Russian people failed and his arrest was dealt with in a humane way by authorities. Around the same time, O’Gorman was photographed with a picture of Putin that had a rainbow Swastika painted on his face.

Historical illiteracy aside, O’Gorman’s protest reveals something else, the fact that he gets his geopolitical talking points directly from the likes of Tatchell and the wider LGBT movement. In October 2017, Green Party TD Catherine Martin asked Simon Coveney in the Dail about ‘LGBT(I)’ in Chechnya at O’Gorman’s behest, coincidentally just as Tatchell’s anti World Cup campaign got under way. Coveney, the Bilderberg cult member, insisted that the EU would put pressure on Russia as a result. Previously, O’Gorman’s protests in 2013 had coincided with a year-long campaign by Tatchell to try to humiliate and undermine Putin on the runup to the Sochi Olympics. The apparent suffering of homosexuals in Chechnya was the cover for the protest, which was in reality a wider effort do discredit a Russian leader who had become the antithesis to everything that the West had degenerated into. As with Viktor Orban, Western liberals can only look on in horror as the autocratic Putin delivers relative social harmony, an appreciation for Christian civilisation and an emphasis on promoting the family over bowing to the LGBT lobby. In May of this year, Fianna Fail’s Fiona O’Loughlin (who was recently given a pity Senator position) stated that ‘To see some European countries, notably Poland and Hungary, display such overt and official homophobia is sickening’.

Ireland’s large Polish community are never encouraged to take part in politics for this very reason, Eastern Europe is now seen as a bastion of the old Europe, the Europe of family, of nation, of Christ. The new Europe, Western Europe is the one of broken homes, multiculturalism and Peter Tatchell. While our similarities to the likes of Putin, Viktor Orban and President Duda in Poland might seem incidental, they are deeper than we think. LGBT activists have complete control of the media, complete control of business and now, complete control of politics. But, they’re hysteric reaction to criticisms of O’Gorman have revealed the hollowness of their strength.

Much of the opposition has come from worried parents and non-political individuals. Tatchell’s hyper politicisation of sexuality is a viewpoint with many disciples, of which O’Gorman is one. Eastern Europe are not over the hill yet, they are still plagued by low birth rates and abortion, but their resistance to the soulless West has given them hope. Ireland has a window of 15 years where the bonds of family are still strong enough, the cultural memory is still vivid enough to resist the likes of O’Gorman working as the foot soldier of the architects of our destruction. Think of our society as one of those statues currently being toppled across the United States, O’Gorman is merely one of the mobsters brandishing a hammer and doing his small part to remove our collective memory.

Tatchell once referred to Northern Ireland as the most ‘homophobic place in Europe’, another way of saying that it was the most religious and tribal. More recently he has said that ‘Westminster was left with no options’ but to impose same-sex marriage and abortion in Northern Ireland. Where have we heard that before? Ask the people of Iraq. Or the people of the Balkans. Ireland will survive the incoming onslaught of the Green Party, but only if we learn to disassociate ourselves from the false idols of pleasure and progress that they put in our faces. Not only is Eastern Europe and much of Africa with us in this struggle, but we walk also with our ancestors, our children and our unborn

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