By Helena Handbasket, July 7th2020

As the scandal of an openly gay Minister for Children, Roderick O’Gorman, and his links with Peter Tatchell, an infamous promoter of pedophiles, continues regardless of his backtracking due to mainly alternative media exposure of his depravity, we need to look at the bigger picture.

Children will usually be told by their parents that they’ve not to talk to strangers and other relevant and very important information in this regard. This generally comes from their parents.

This used to be how any form of ‘sex education’ was also passed to children, with what was then termed as ‘sex education’ in schools usually conducted in the biology class and generally dealing with the biology of reproduction. It had nothing to do with relationships or the physical enjoyment of the act itself. It certainly had nothing to do with gender bending or other sexual depravities.

Whether you like it or not, homosexuality is an abnormal sexual practice. Twisting the argument and the meaning of the word ‘abnormal’ does not change that fact. And the word ‘homophobia’ being used to denounce anyone pointing this fact out is not an irrational fear of homosexuals. I’ve yet to hear anyone say they ‘fear’ homosexuals. It a method used to silence dissent against something which is clearly wrong and to divert the attention away from the real issue, that being pedophiles associating with government ministers, especially when they are put in charge of the nation’s children.

The definition of ‘abnormal’ is:-

“Adjective… Not normal, average, typical, or usual; deviating from a standard”

The standard normal is heterosexuality.

I think, regardless of your sexual proclivities, we can all agree that homosexuality and all those other nonsense gender bender identities, those who are mentally ill enough that wish to identify themselves with, are certainly not ‘normal’.

The abnormal is not something which should be taught to children. They will become aware of these types of people in due course as they go through life themselves, if not through life experiences, TV will do the job for them as it becomes more and more depraved to the point where it is now basically pornography poorly disguised as ‘entertainment’. They do not need to be taught about them. Earlier generations were never taught such nonsense in the classroom from an early age, mainly due to the fact that it wasn’t necessary, but primarily because parents in bygone days would never have accepted it or condoned idiotic, very young teachers, which most are nowadays with virtually no life experience of their own, to be talking to their children about such topics. Never!

These days, the vast majority of parents are totally unaware of the depravity being indoctrinated into the minds of their children under the guise of ‘sex education’. These young teachers are themselves brainwashed by the higher education system to believe that this form of depraved teaching is ‘normal’ and acceptable. It is not normal in any shape or form, and certainly not acceptable, and has no place in the classroom in any shape or form at all.

The new Irish Minister for education has virtually no experience in politics. She is a first time TD (Member of Parliament) who has been inexplicably elevated to this important office in the higher echelons of the Irish government. She has no experience for the job and has no legitimate reason to hold such a position.

But perhaps this isn’t an accident of monumental proportions it would appear to be, similar to the appointment of Roderick O’Gorman, a homosexual colleague of notorious pedophile advocate Peter Tatchell, would appear to be. Perhaps it’s deliberate.

The question for Norma Foley is: –

Will Norma Foley TD stand over (cover up) a ‘sex education’ program which glorifies the abnormal gender bender clique that has influenced the Irish and UK ‘sex education’ curriculum way beyond normal sexual practices, to the point that it is a disgusting and utterly depraved study into grossly abnormal lifestyles, and acceptance of such? recently published a detailed expose of this. You can read the whole article here.

It sheds light on the insidious nature of those who promote such abnormal sexual practices, including how to deceive the parents as to what is really being taught to their children.

But this curriculum wasn’t developed by the Irish or UK education system or the indeed any other country in the wider world, particularly the western developed countries.

This sexually depraved ‘sex education’ agenda was developed by the United Nations and is today being rolled out by the World Health Organisation. You can read the whole document here.

And a brief summary here:-

This is the program for ‘sex education’ which O’Gorman, Tatchell and his horde of perverts would love to see indoctrinated into the minds of Irish and British children.

The question is:

Will Norma Foley, a totally inexperienced, and in my opinion, inappropriate TD for the job, given the fact that she has not been an elected TD for even a month, condone such sick and depraved brainwashing?

Again, in my opinion, I think she’s been put in this position due to her ignorance, or perhaps not, of what type of education is being imposed on the children of Ireland.

Never mind the dire methods of education in other subjects which simply brainwash children and deny them any right to a contrary point of view or deny any forn of critical thinking on any subject not authorised by the system, ‘sex education’ is the golden goose for the social engineers to groom children and prepare them for predatory pedophiles, the same types of degenerates Roderick O’Gorman is proud to be photographed with and march with for the rights of those same perverts.

Norma Foley, prove you’re fit for purpose and scrap this disgusting program now and save Irish children from the clutches of predatory pedophiles currently hunting down children to rape.