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Social media users are demanding that Roderic O’Gorman gets the sack immediately over what are described as “disgusting social media posts”.

State media have completely ignored the controversy but it’s not going away as social media users are demanding that O’Gorman gets sacked by Micheal Martin.

There is now wide scale demands for the new Minister for Children to step down over what are described by online users as “sick social media posts”.

Newly-appointed Minister for Children is being taken to task for the second time in three days for tweets that have appeared on his twitter account that have led many to demand his removal as Minister for Children.

The calls first came from a tweeted image featuring him with Peter Tatchell, an LGBTQ campaigner who was forced to apologise for a letter he wrote about a book on underage sex. At the time, Tatchell told the Daily Mail that the book was not “a paedophile’s handbook”.

This time the uproar is down to an image that O’Gorman re-tweeted from another account. It shows an image of a figure eating what appears to be a human infant alongside another image of someone recreating the picture.

There has been no comment from O’Gorman on either of the tweets. He has also stayed silent on a petition to have him removed as Minister for Children that has been widely shared. He has, however, posted online about how this Saturday will be named “National Play Day, 2020”,
“Children’s lives have been turned upside down during this challenging time and hopefully National Play Day will be the beginning of children regaining a sense of normality.”

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