By Helena Handbasket, July 5th 2020

In the farcical spirit of the new green deal pedophile supporting Green Party lunacy, the new Minister of State for Land Use and Biodiversity, Pippa Hackett, has announced that unless cows stop breathing, belching and farting, then she is going to order that the entire Irish cattle population is to be slaughtered.

How cattle are supposed to overcome this impending death sentence is not mentioned, despite Hackett clearly having no idea on the physiology of cattle.

“During her time in Britain, she studied Equine Science at Aberystwyth University and Agriculture at the University of Essex. Back in Ireland, she studied Graduate Equine Science at University College Dublin, and gained her PhD in Sports Biomechanics at the University of Limerick.”

Interesting to note that she only studied horses which, of course, are not comparable to cattle and we don’t eat horses… yet. Or do we?

I guarantee that if she came out with a plan to slaughter all the race horses in Ireland she couldn’t make up for the misery caused by gambling, but maybe starvation would do the trick having slaughtered all livestock. But the loss of all that gambling tax cash, due to the gambling addiction of the Irish racing fraternity, would be unthinkable. And the multimillionaire horse breeders would have her hide.

But of course, this is all Agenda 2030 fairy tale politics to save the planet from cow farts and other essential periodic table elements which have been around in varying quantities since the planet’s birth. If it was up to the likes of Pippa Hackett and her pedophile loving party she would probably have demanded the abortion of the planet as soon as it was conceived.

The madness of the Green Party, it seems, knows no limits and Pippa Hackett is just another example as to why unelected parties should never be allowed into power.  They’re unelected for a very good reason, virtually nobody believes in their policies and secondly, in regard to the Green Party in particular, they endorse the rape of children and are utterly insane.

12 seats from 160 is not exactly a ringing endorsement of any party and they have no mandate to be in any position of power, but as before under very similar circumstances, the Green Party were put in power to seed Irish politics with Agenda 21. Now we are witnessing part two of that process being implemented by lunatics and pedophile lovers under the UN’s Agenda 21; the same UN who are grooming children for pedophiles through the WHO.

And let’s not forget their continuing disgusting associations with pedophile predator scum like Peter Tatchell….

But getting back to Pippa the Butcher, what gives her the right to starve the Irish population to death?

This won’t stop at cattle. Sheep, pigs and chickens will be the next victims of this lunatic. Interesting too, that under the scam of Covid-19, it appears that meat processing plants are particularly attractive to the invisible menace of coronavirus leading to their shutdown. The same has occurred in the US. I guess it’s not a vegetarian virus.

We all remember the last major attack on the Irish farmer in 2001 when thousands of animals were slaughtered due to a supposed random outbreak of foot and mouth disease which remarkably appeared all over the country overnight.

Neil Ferguson, the infamous idiot modeller of the current Covid-19 scam, was the same guy who did the models for the spread of foot and mouth in the UK which culminated in funeral pyres all over Britain as over 6 million cattle and sheep, the vast majority of which were healthy, served up as a burnt offering to the high priests in the cult of manmade global warming.

This was of course the real push at the start of the 21st century to destroy British and Irish farming and it put many independent farmers out of business.

Hackett is attempting a similar bloodthirsty cull.

I wonder if her own animals will be part of the slaughter or will she prove to be yet another green hypocrite, pedophile supporting lunatic like her colleagues?

It doesn’t matter how organic they may be, they still breathe, belch and fart.

“Pippa and her husband Mark work on their 200 acre farm in Geashill, near Tullamore in Co. Offaly. Together they have 50 sucklers and 200 ewes.”

So, I would suggest that every farmer in Ireland get together to insist that Pippa’s animals are brutally slaughtered first to test the courage of her convictions and then allow farmers to have a think about whether they wish to follow her lead. But of course, that’s never going to happen because climate change zealots like Pippa and her cohort are rampant liars and delusional fraudsters who believe that the planet belongs to them and their sick ilk.

If farmers in Ireland put up with this unbridled blood lust of a few insane sustainability creeps then they deserve to lose their farms and Hackett and her insane colleagues will salivate over the carcasses.