By Helena Handbasket – July 4th 2020

As with Roderick O’Gorman, Green Party disciples of the Church of Climatology should be very wary of who they decide to defend in the face of evidence that a certain member of their global warming cult, Roderick O’Gorman, actually supports people like Peter Tatchell, a vocal supporter of child rapists, in his praise of pedophilia.

The fact is that Roderick O’Gorman is openly supporting the unacceptable sickening face of the pedophile advocate Peter Tatchell.


You are indeed known by the company you keep and therefore if Green party members then go on to defend the likes of Roderick O’Gorman and by association Peter Tatchell, then I suggest that they are also a supporter of child rapists and one would have to further question the company they keep behind closed doors.

Taking this concept a stage further, this would also clearly imply that the Green Party is a party which supports pedophilia. It therefore stands to reason that if you do not consider yourself a supporter of pedophiles, and yet remain in the Green party saying nothing, then you are by definition, supporting pedophilia.

If people wish to call that homophobic, although we’re not talking about homosexuality, then so be it, but you obviously do not understand the meaning of the word ‘phobia’.

A phobia is an irrational fear of something, but Green Party pedophile supporters are now seem to have a serious condition called Alethephobia – An irrational fear of truth.

Please read this if you support pedophiles within your cohort…

I have nothing to fear from homosexuals, but as a parent, if those homosexuals in government openly support pedophiles, then I have a very rational fear that the political system is working to make pedophilia acceptable within society and that is something I am not going to remain quiet about regardless of any label you wish to pin on me.

I do not get offended by such mindless name calling. I grew up a very long time ago. It’s time you people did too and stopped this childish nonsense of being ‘offended’ by a few words directed at you.

Whatever happened to the notion of free speech as a right of every person?

Just because you identify yourself as a homosexual, a queer or whatever idiotic identifier you wish to pin on yourself, does not give you the right to usurp my right to disagree in whichever non-violent form I choose, regardless whether you decide to behave like a spoiled brat child and have a tantrum.

Now of course, in this new paradigm of taking offence at anything you chose, which you claim has offended you, you will doubtless say that my words are an act of violence on your mind… So be it. That’s as nonsensical as your gender identification garbage you pretend is real.

There are only two genders, period. Male and female… That is how we were made, through nature or God. You cannot change that fact of human life, regardless of who tells you otherwise. This fact of life has endured since life first appeared on Earth.

If you are offended by anything I’ve written above then I say politely and with all offence intended, go f*** yourself and your friends and leave our children alone!