Amid clear signs of a resurgence in Covid-19, governments are easing lockdown restrictions. But don’t you worry – they’ve found a way to make sure they can point the finger of blame at the public.

Good news, everyone! Covid-19 is over! It’s gone, buggered off back to its lab or bat cave or wherever, defeated by a mighty, amicable and cohesive effort from governments across the globe.

That’s all I can infer from the way some governments are acting. Lockdowns are loosening faster than badly tied shoelaces. Here in the UK, our government is so confident that it has even stopped holding its daily press briefings. 

PM Boris Johnson has packed up his lectern, popped his cardboard slogan sign in the recycling and decided that all those stats on infections and deaths are pretty boring and… ooh, look, the pubs are opening! It’s your patriotic duty to drink in them! (Yes, he said that.) 

The man who asked the UK to summon the ‘Blitz spirit’ is now totally relaxed about something that has killed more British people than the Blitz.

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