At a point in time when you would think the mainstream gutter press is as low as it could go, The Colorado Sun has now taken it to new depths of outrageous idiocy that it’s flushed itself completely down the sewer with even the resident rats exiting their domain as this filth descends upon them. Rat’s Lives Matter!

If ever there was a story so despicably biased and egregious, this is it.

Black Lives Matter rioters and thugs are saving us all from Covid-19… God bless them… Oh no, they don’t do religion.

As despicable as this organisation is, I have to wonder if The Colorado Sun outstrips them for sycophantic boot licking to the globalist agenda they are clearly involved in promoting.

How dare this rag masquerading as a newspaper insult the intelligence of the vast majority of people in their state and beyond who must surely be not only sick to death, in some cases quite literally, (‘beaten’ would be a more accurate term) but must also be disgusted at their support of what is basically a terrorist organisation based on Marxist ideology destroying the history and culture of the state they live in.

The ludicrous assumption that thousands of savage rioters have somehow made more people stay at home and thus stopped the spread of Covid-19 is not only utterly nonsensical, it is clearly a lie too far for anymore with any ability to think for themselves. How anything calling itself a news outlet could publish such garbage is beyond belief, and yet, they are supposedly serious.

Apparently, they have produced a scientific study at ‘warp speed’ to show that the spread of the virus has slowed, but to make a connection to Black lives Matter’s brutal rioters being somehow responsible for it is not only unscientific, but also idiocy personified.

This is simply an attempt to justify Black Lives Matter as a benevolent organisation and to try to candy coat the fact that these morons looted, burned and savagely attacked innocent people who otherwise would not have been harmed in any way but for the fact that criminals came into their neighbourhoods will the sole intention of causing mayhem on a brutal scale.

These animals of all colours came into areas of the cities burned and looted from other areas. Presumably they returned to their own areas after their criminal acts and went about their normal degenerate behaviour spreading their idiot ideology and possibly more.

As the sewer fills with such rags as The Colorado Sun the real enemy of humanity becomes clear. The mainstream media in all its guises has colluded with those who wish to annihilate the rest of humanity to fulfil their own agenda. They are the enemy we can all see.

I have no doubt that if the mainstream media, again in all of it’s disgusting guises, were to disappear tomorrow, the world would be a very different place.

Without these global brainwashing machines people could begin to repair their minds, although some never will, and start to see the world in a different light; one without hate and prejudice.

Of course people will always have disagreements and arguments, sometimes even violent conflicts, but these flames of hatred would not be stoked but TV propaganda networks, the multitude of propaganda press corporations etc…

The media doesn’t have to literally disappear. We simply need to switch it off, not buy their rags and take heed of the fact that everything we consume as media is propaganda and treat it with the contempt it deserves.

I understand that this is virtually impossible for some people to imagine doing. Turn off the TV? Are you serious?

Many times in the past I have challenged people to switch off their televisions for a month and go back to it to see how it feels. I know for a fact having not watched TV for well over a decade now that it has a profound effect when you find yourself in a public place or someone else’s home watching it, mostly subconsciously. That is the hook it has on most people. It is a form of addiction.

But getting back to The Colorado Sun.

Their hypocrisy and doublethink mentality is exposed in the last paragraph of their article based on a paper which has no scientific back up and has not been peer reviewed, where they state:-

“The paper comes as officials in Colorado and other states are concerned about rising infections, especially among young people.

New infections among young people have contributed significantly to Colorado’s uptick in cases in recent days — a rise that reversed a weeks-long trend of falling case numbers and has put Colorado back onto the list of potential coronavirus problem spots. Meanwhile, the number of new infections among older Coloradans has dropped.” 

Clearly, and if you fall for the whole Covid-19 scam in the first instance, if this is the true state of affairs in Colorado, then it would be just as easy to state that the thugs of Black Lives Matter have caused a ‘second wave’ of infections as the rise is supposedly in the younger age categories, the same age categories who were rioting, looting and savagely assaulting innocent people.

The rats have been flushed out of the sewers due to an overflow of mainstream media garbage.

It’s about time the sycophantic rats were flushed out of the media.