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The Black Lives Matter movement began because people believe black Americans are being unfairly targeted and abused by the police.

Many of its participants advocate for police reform and some want to abolish the police force completely after a black man named George Floyd was killed in May when police knelt on his neck while he pleaded that he could not breathe.

Most Americans – including most pro-lifers – agree that racism is bad, and Floyd’s death was horrific. They believe that black lives matter, but pro-lifers know that there is another silent killer of black lives that does not get the attention it deserves: abortion.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Cynthia M. Allen recently questioned why the Black Lives Matter movement is not also fighting against the targeted killing of unborn black babies in abortions.

And it is clear that they are being targeted.

“If racism in America is difficult to discuss because it makes us uncomfortable, the same is true about abortion and its outsize impact on Black people — born and unborn,” Allen wrote. “Black people have consistently constituted about 13 percent of the U.S. population; in 2014, 36 percent of all abortions were performed on Black women.”

These statistics add up. Since 1973, more than 20 million unborn black babies have been killed in abortions. According to research by black pro-life advocate Walter Hoye, that amounts to about half of the American black population.

“Considering that the total current Black American population is about 42,000,000, the 20,350,000 Black American abortions are equal to 48.45% of the total Black American population. If not for abortion, the total Black American population would be approximately 62,350,000, or 48% greater than it is today,” he wrote in 2016.

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Add to that New York City statistics showing that more black babies are aborted than are born in the city, Allen said “those numbers should be appalling” even for abortion activists.

“We should call it what it is — discriminatory, bigoted, racist,” she continued, adding:

Before his political ambitions degraded his position on abortion, even the Rev. Jesse Jackson recognized as much. In 1977 he wrote: “If something can be dehumanized through the rhetoric used to describe it, then the major battle has been won. … That is why the Constitution called us three-fifths human. … Those advocates of taking life prior to birth do not call it killing or murder; they call it abortion. They further never talk about aborting a baby because that would imply something human.”

Unborn babies are living, unique human beings. It’s basic biology, not a religious or moral belief. And it’s hard to deny the statistics that black women and their unborn babies have a disproportionate number of abortions in the U.S. – or that abortion activists target them while claiming good intentions.

If Black Lives Matter aims to end racial targeting, it should add to its goals the issue that is destroying more black lives than anything else in America: abortion.

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