By Helena Handbasket, June 26th 2020

Having recently witnessed temperature checks at my local Walmart Auto Center I felt the need to write to them regarding the enforced wearing of masks by staff, and other insane measures, due to company policy. As you will see below, there are varied reasons for concern.

To our readers:- Please feel free to print and distribute the information below and write similar letters to stores and other businesses who are mandating sickness upon their employees.

Dear Sir/Madam

I would just like to bring to your attention the dangers involved in the policy you have instituted in all of your stores regarding the mandatory wearing of masks by staff as part of your Covid-19 policy.

Face masks of all types:-

1 – Decrease Oxygen Intake

Breathing through a mask decreases the amount of oxygen we need to live and be healthy, increases blood acidity and makes breathing difficult.

2 – Increases Toxin Inhalation

Toxins that we normally exhale as we breathe become trapped in the mask and re-inhaled into the lungs, increasing symptoms.

3 – Shuts Down Immune System

Decreases oxygen intake, increases carbon dioxide and toxin intake putting the body under stress, releasing cortisol and shutting down the immune process.

4 – Increases Virus Risk

Encourages triggering and infection from dormant retro viruses already in the body, taking advantage of a weakened immune system due to mask wearing.

5 – Scientifically Inaccurate

Virologists measure Covid-19 to be 80-140nm in size making the weave of material masks to be the equivalent of a chain-link fence to a mosquito.

6 – Effectiveness Not Studied

Absolutely no peer reviewed studies have been carried out of mask effectiveness within a social environment to control, prevent or eliminate the spread of disease.

As you would surely recognize from the information above, it is clear that the mandatory wearing of masks in the work environment of a retail store has no basis in realistically stopping the spread of any disease and in fact is a danger to your employees.

If such a measure were introduced whereby members of the general public were mandated to wear such devices then you will clearly open yourselves up to potentially substantial numbers of legal actions as you will be endangering the public as well as your own staff members.

I would hope you would see fit to respond to this information given in good faith and without prejudice confirming that you have received it and I would hope you will act accordingly and stop this insane policy for which has no basis in science whatsoever, and as mentioned, is in fact harmful.