Submitted to The Irish Sentinel by Catholic Arena

The post-Covid world order is full of contradictions. Apparent hyper concern for human safety has become matched only by equal indifference to the large numbers who died in nursing homes. An obsession with accusing others of breaking lockdown rules has been coupled with a complete avoidance of expecting the government to be held to account for their roles in upholding said rules.

Perhaps the guiding principle is fear. Or perhaps one could trace it back to a materialistic generation’s (mis)understanding of what humanity is. These corrosive contradictions have been in western society for some time now. This was spoken of in the 1950s by Archbishop Fulton Sheen when he compared the morality of the atom bomb to the popularisation of contraceptives and abortion, if the ends justify the means then all potential means can be considered permissible.

With contraception for example, people not only ignore the physical, economic and personal cost of deliberately mutilating one’s hormones in an act of anti-natalism, but the same people now toppling statues in the name of history are very quick to forget where the contraceptive mentality originated from. German company Hoescht AG, who became the patent holders of the abortion pill, were derived from the company who produced Zyklon B on behalf of the Nazis.

When you think of the wider suicidal mindframe of twentieth century Europe, such a disdain for one’s natural existence starts to makes perfect sense. In our own day, this indifference to suffering extends also to animals. Even make up and other cosmetic products are often tested with the unnecessary and brutal torture of animals.

Similarly, medicine has its open secrets that consumers turn a blind eye to. The necessity of aborted babies to the vaccination industry is one such open secret. Vaccinations for Measles, Rubella, Hepatitis A and Smallpox are all derived from the manipulation of aborted fetal cells. Most of the aborted fetal cells that are currently used in research have been preserved since the period between the late 1960s and mid 1980s.

One of the companies currently racing to attain a Covid vaccine are a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson, their research is one among many that are chillingly using the cells of an 18 week old Dutch boy who was aborted in 1985 despite being perfectly healthy. So called ‘viral vector’ vaccines use these aborted cells under a number of justifications related to the reliability of research on the cells.

None of these justifications stand up to scrutiny. Organs are donated every year, there are thousands of still births every year that contain the same cells. The umbilical cord even contains the cells that scientists are looking for in these aborted cells. The use of aborted fetal cells even carries the added danger that oncogenic DNA or viruses could be transmitted to the patient who receives the vaccination. This connection between the pharmaceutical industry and the contraceptive industrial complex is a telling one.

Any evil can apparently be permitted if one seeks some good from it. In Ireland, three recent events are have their origin in such a perspective. One, the removal of all rights of unborn children leading to the legalisation of abortion. Two, the government’s ‘opt out’ donor law, where a dead body becomes property of the government unless one explicitly states otherwise. Three, the introduction of government provided In Vitro Fertilisation. The bodies of aborted babies are now automatically property of the government. This is a lucrative business, we know from undercover research in the United States that their limbs, cells and organs are worth vast amounts of money.

The United States also has hundreds of thousands of abandoned embryos in its IVF clinics, unclaimed after success with one course of IVF or in despair after overall failure. The government’s hospitals will now own both the bodies of aborted Irish babies and also the embryos of those abandoned in IVF (it has a low success rate of 25% and costs around €5,000 a round). The contradictions of Covid vaccination research has brought this wickedness to the fore.

Mass hysteria regarding the necessity to preserve life, mass indifference to lives undeservedly extinguished. Similarly, the second wave of hysteria of 2020 has involved debate over which lives matter and as to how one can prove that they do. All lives matter, from start to finish. With no exception. Our society needs to direct itself towards life instead of death. Every single ailment currently afflicting our society can be cured if we just learn to pursue such a culture, instead of the type of society which Pope John Paul II referred to as a ‘culture of death’.