By Helena Handbasket – June 22nd 2020

As governments reopen economies, albeit with ludicrous ‘social distancing’ measures sure to devastate businesses even more, ‘health experts’ around the world are already creating widespread fear and panic with a ‘second wave’ apparently already upon us.

They have decided this in their UN-wisdom by elevating ‘cases’ to equate to the number of deaths. This is obviously a false premise as cases do not mean deaths. Far from it. As governments spout nonsense regarding the numbers of tests carried out, hugely inflated of course, as are the death figures, they keep finding new ‘cases’ of asymptomatic people who have tested positive.

These are not sick people, but people who may not even have known they had ever had the virus as they are already immune. They are NOT contagious and are therefore no threat to anyone via person-to-person transmission or any other factor.

It stands to reason that if these health experts and governments were being honest and showed even a modicum of common sense and a grasp of arithmetical ability, they would come to the conclusion, as any rational and sensible person would, that as the numbers of cases are revealed, the ratio of cases to deaths reduces to the point where there is then no credible justification for calling a virus which is no more deadly than a seasonal flu, a pandemic or even an epidemic.

“Common question”

“What’s the recovery rate of COVID-19?”

Experts don’t have information about the outcome of every infection. However, early estimates predict that the overall COVID-19 recovery rate is between 97% and 99.75%.

If all 7.8 billion people on Earth were tested this would show that the death rate is actually 0.006%


So when these arithmetical illiterates and pseudo-health experts talk about ‘cases’ they are deliberately skewing science and basic arithmetic to follow an agenda.

So what happens next as the latest round of fear porn takes hold in the public mind?

I see another lockdown coming very soon, even more drastic than the last one.

Protesters will be blamed for sure with anyone else labelled as a plague spreader simply for going out in public.

We cannot afford to fall for this totalitarian nonsense again.

We need to ignore completely all diktats from these tyrants and go about our daily lives, keep people working and keep businesses open without any interference from these criminals who have clearly lost all credibility and all right to assume to rule over anyone.

These criminals deserve no respect or even recognition of any status they feel they have in their fake hierarchy and should be reviled wherever they rear their heads to spout obvious lies or threats.

There have been insane calls to disband police forces across the US in particular but the world would be better served disbanding and abolishing the present systems of government and the general public taking responsibility for their own lives, their health and their pursuit and achievement of whatever makes them happy and content in a world system which has never served their best interests or even cared about them.

It’s been said many times by many people that government is not the solution to the world’s problems. It is the problem and the instigator of the world’s problems. If people would finally realise that simple truth and remove themselves from corrupt and criminal government authority, they could resign such institutions to the swamps of history where they belong.