By Helena Handbasket, June 19th 2020

You couldn’t make this nonsense up if you tried unless you were a script writer for an upcoming comedy movie.

As if social distancing and masks weren’t ridiculous enough and totally pointless due to there being no valid scientific evidence to prove their worth as a methodology to prevent transmission of microscopic virus particles, it seems that these and other insane policies are now being implemented for pubs and restaurants to keep the poor defenceless adult population safe from a cold virus which has already disappeared; just as any seasonal flu type virus does.

These methods are nothing less than a policy of control and a certain way to further destroy an already decimated industry due to the previous insane policies of so-called scientific experts and useful idiot politicians.

Apart from the insane policies listed in the article below, such as the ludicrous time limit of 105 minutes to get in and out of the establishment, the most nefarious is the requirement that business owners now take the contact details of their patrons; this presumably includes their names, addresses and contact telephone number/email. I would assume there also has to be some methodology to check that such information is correct thus requiring proof via some form of official identifier such as a driving license or utility bill. How else can information be gathered and verified accurately?

If there is no requirement to provide proof of name and address, then I would suggest that nobody give any correct information to any business owner; in other words, lie completely.

A publican or restaurant owner/manager has no right whatsoever to ask anyone for contact details, and I would suggest a boycott of any such individual’s business who tries to implement such an invasion of your privacy.

What ever happened to identity theft concerns? Now we’re required to hand over our personal information to complete strangers and trust them to keep that information secure? What about data protection legislation? Will that be imposed on these government spies?

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just about pubs and restaurants. This will be rolled out to cover anywhere you visit in the future once people have become mindlessly habituated to it. This is the new Stasi coming into view whereby your whole life will come under scrutiny. Every place you’ve been and every person you have interacted with will be recorded.

No doubt the young will use their ‘smartphones’ via some form of scanning software in situ, which is probably in the manufacturing stages right now, just coincidently of course, to record their details in some form of register which business owners are required to keep for one month.

The lunacy won’t stop there though. I also would assume that if you were in the habit of frequenting a particular pub, a ‘local’, you would be required to give these same details every time you frequented the establishment. You’d better have a long list of fake contact details to hand should this be the case, but I would suggest a boycott.

Nowhere in the article above does it state that you must tell the truth as to your contact details. That being the case, what is the point? Nobody with two brain cells to rub together is surely foolish enough to put up with this?

However, we’ve already witnessed the level of stupidity in our fellow human beings thus far with their compliance to new social abnormalities that I’m sure there are those who feel that this is a necessary measure to keep them all safe.

They are simply meat and drink on the table to the anti-human controllers who must be laughing over their champagne and caviar as the sheep eat on a time limit and give up any semblance of freedom and privacy they thought they once had.

Time has been called on humanity.