Biker gangs reportedly converged to prevent Antifa from protesting in California town

LDC – By Lionel Du Cane June 13th 2020

According to various reports on social media, several biker gangs coalesced to prevent an Antifa demonstration from taking place in Placerville, California.

00:4200:46 Given the recent George Floyd protests to have erupted throughout the United States, various cities have been destroyed in parts due to rioting.

Spearheaded by Black Lives Matter, the George Floyd protests have devolved into rioting and looting by thousands of attendees.

Far-left agitators Antifa have been apportioned significant blame for steering some of the chaos present over the weekend.

A now-deleted tweet, which had garnered tens of thousands of likes and retweeted, contained a Facebook post from the small California town telling how the infamous Hell’s Angels united with other gangs to reportedly repel an Antifa demonstration.

Bikers have ostensibly begun feuding with the radical left-anarchist group in recent weeks as Bikers for Trump reportedly hatched a plan to reclaim CHAZ–Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone–for the USA after far-left groups claimed the area for themselves.

The now-deleted tweet read: “ANTIFA has threatened the town of Placerville, CA . They said if anyone stands in their way “there will be consequences.“ So Hell’s Angels and the Mongols biker gangs have accepted the challenge!”

A lengthy Facebook report was reposted and shared thousands of times as the news spread across social media like wildfire.

One repost read:

Unheard of but so awesome.. Hells Angels and Mongols team up against a common enemy..

Not sure if this has been shared today or not. Antifa threatens Placerville, CA. Says anyone who gets in their way will suffer consequences…The local Hells Angles and Mongols motorcycle gangs have taken Antifa up on their challenge.

If Ant!fa wants lawlessness they are going to get it in full measure. I’ve run into a few of the guys who will be playing for the Home Team. I guarantee that body bags will be needed if Antifa dares show up.
I think we will see more of this…

Dang it. The Ant!fa cowards chickened out…called it off 

Another post reporting the cancellation of the demonstration garnered 5.7k reposts.

Richard Morgan@youneedaclueReplying to @LeahR77

The other day, over here, in Devore, at a local Saloon, ‘Screaming Chicken’ there were over 500 bikers. Mongols, Vagos, Hells Angels, and other Motorcycle Clubs.

Partying their assets off. Not fighting with each other.

They all HATE Antifa.

On that, they’re United.

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733Twitter Ads info and privacy320 people are talking about thisWade Black @wadeblackReplying to @LeahR77

I’m with Antifa and can confirm that all of this is true18Twitter Ads info and privacy25 people are talking about thisLady D @dreaminok7Replying to @LeahR77

I don’t think it’s over…this was posted yesterday and the bikers were still there last night…

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The local sheriff’s office located over 330 fireworks beforehand, supposedly to cause damage, injure, and set fires.

In spite of the reported chasing, a peaceful protest was staged. The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office posted the following:

Last night in El Dorado Hills approximately 300 people participated in a peaceful protest. We had a chance to meet with a lot of our community members and engage in some great dialogue. We want to thank the community for their respect of one another.

We are still conferring on Silva Valley Parkway on and off ramp for this evening. This post will be updated with that information. There is still no curfew in El Dorado County. National Guard is also remaining in the area and we are continuing an increased law enforcement pressence [sic].

We noticed a few questions regarding a large law enforcement presence in the evening on the highway in El Dorado Hills. This was from a pursuit of a vehicle which came from Sacramento County and ended without incident in El Dorado County. We don’t have any further information on this to share.

Protests continue to be reported across the country and overseas.