By The Thinking Man, First published May 16th 2020

As the wheels of the Lockdown grind deeper and deeper

The long tentacles of the State, with their medical, scientific “experts” choking every last freedom from us

With our naive and grudging consent, sucked out of us, through fear porn puppet media

Everyday Ireland is looking more and more like communist Russia, with its queues for shopping, neighbours snitching, and police state checkpoints.

Everyday Ireland is looking more and more like a Free Mason’s utopia, a liberal state for a liberal people,

Where the globalist rulers, that sold out our nation while we slept, rules in the interests of big pharma, tech, and transnational government to enslave the brainwashed masses that await the vaccine saviour.

The new normal is communism.

Its sad to watch people trying to grapple with the irrational inconsistencies of contradictory regulations as they despair of their business ever re-opening.

The penny is beginning to drop. You serve at the behest of the state.

Those you cannot tell must be shown.

The flippant denial of Conspiracy by us doubting Thomas’s; must it be made incarnate for us?…..Experience teaches fools.

Perhaps we need this, to be shown what nightmare beholds those who reject Christianity.

To be shown what a liberal society really looks like when the veil of media gas-lighting is lifted.

“I have seen the future and it is murder,” sings Leonard Cohen.

Murder of our unborn children in our hospitals… A Health-service that thinks life is disposable… Murder of our elderly in our nursing homes. ….and at the end of this satanic river…. a barely audible repugnant whisper…..The Horror! ….The Horror!

To be shown what our deepest darkest nature is capable of

Before we are willing to take the red pill; to wake up to what’s going on

Before we again return to religion, nationalism, populism and freedom

Before we are willing to take a deep breath…. and flying the flag our fore-fathers bore… make a sacrifice.