Will there be a Muslim Murder False Flag in Europe?

In light of the wanton looting, destruction of town centres and vicious assaults on innocent bystanders which have occurred recently under the premise that a white US police officer callously murdered an innocent black criminal in broad daylight and on camera, which is becoming more suspicious in and of itself in recent days, I wonder when the trigger will be pulled on a similar false flag in Europe with the killing of a Muslim in the full glare of publicity to set off acts of violence in major European cities that will make what has happened in the United States look like nothing more than handbags at dawn powder puff histrionics?

It is clear that whatever you believe about the actual events surrounding George Floyd there is something very amiss about what has happened since that heavily publicised event, real or contrived, which is playing into the hands of those wishing to control society in every aspect of their lives. These events could now be used to implement martial law across the US, thus punishing the hundreds of millions of law abiding citizens, due to the acts of criminal organisations using political front groups such as Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA and Extinction rebellion.

What those taking part in such idiotic and callous acts of brutality do not understand or even attempt to understand, is that these groups are heavily funded by globalist white men who care nothing for the plight of African Americans, African Europeans or any Africans . Their ancestors were shackled and shipped abroad in vast numbers throughout the slavery period of history by the same groups/organisations that still exist in some form or another today and they still think of Africans as a slave class to be used and abused in any manner necessary to achieve whatever goal, political or otherwise, that they decide.

The leaders of these organisations are well aware of this agenda and are complicit traitors to their respective races. They will also do their master’s bidding, whatever it takes and whatever the consequences. They are also slaves and yet they somehow think they are above such labels and will use and abuse both physically and psychologically, their fellow indigenous races to promote the agenda of their globalist, elite white billionaire slave masters.

No doubt they are well rewarded for such disgusting treachery but ultimately they will be betrayed and slaughtered by their masters when they are no longer of any use.

So what of Europe and the growing concerns about millions within the EU countries who have warned about the threat of such groups, in particular Islamic but also African, within their midst who seem to have been given special dispensation, privileges and rights over and above those of indigenous populations? Governments kowtow to these groups which is allegedly due to fear of civil unrest and retribution against the state. When has that ever been government policy regarding indigenous populations with genuine grievances against their political criminal classes? Such grievances cannot even get airtime on national TV stations or voice genuine concerns in the mainstream press without being branded as intolerant and racist. Not so for so-called ‘minorities’ who are given free rein to voice whatever opinion they choose, racist or otherwise, and the media laps it up thus fomenting further racial tensions.

After the events in America and elsewhere over the past week or so, with no justification whatsoever for the violent acts perpetrated and replayed constantly on TV sets around the globe, thus glorifying such atrocities and making these an acceptable reaction to something which has nothing to do with anyone outside of the US, the media has now moved into the crass and nauseating narrative that all should bow and scrape for forgiveness towards rioters, looters and killers of innocent people for centuries of slavery and abuse of African Americans, by ‘taking the knee’, regardless of the fact that most so-called privileged whites anywhere in the world have no problem with African Americans or any other race.

The media whores are fomenting a race war at just the right time when the Covid-19 scam is being exposed as the biggest hoax in history. It only takes another such false flag incident in Europe to stoke the flames of violence barely simmering under the surface. with I’m sure, rent a mob thugs armed and ready to take to the streets in another European Kristallnacht.

The night of broken glass was a horror show in the last century. Should a similar incident be staged in Europe what comes next will be a teddy bear’s picnic in comparison.