By The Thinking Man – First published January 13th 2018

I caught a glimpse of the Today Show on RTE, an afternoon talk show hosted by Dáithí Ó Sé and Maura Derrane, and they had a couple of guests on to talk about the President of the United States, Donald Trump, who was on a state visit to Japan. Unsurprisingly the comments were unabashedly scathing and downright dismissive of the President.

They lead with some footage of Trump with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe feeding some fish from a balcony. The Japanese Prime Minister is first shown feeding the fish using a spoon to scatter feed into the pond below. Then it cuts to Trump seemingly impatiently throwing the whole box of feed into the water. The panel of course gloat over Trump’s gaffe and reaffirm what an uncouth bumpkin he is.

Now some of you might say; well they are commentators and if a public figure behaves badly their job is to call it out. Fair enough if that is what really happened, but the point is the footage is deliberately edited to make Trump look bad. If you watch the unedited footage, you see that Abe also throws the contents of his box into the pond and Trump just copies him. It’s a classic case of ‘fake news’, a malicious lie. Even though the outrageous lie was quickly debunked on alternative media, RTE have shown zero interest in making a correction never mind apologising.i

Trump’s first year in office was summarily dismissed by one of the Today Show guests: “He has done nothing good this year.” Now hold on surely, there must be something positive in Trump’s first year in office. For instance, the American stock market is at an all time high ii and unemployment is at an all time low with employment figures for the Afro-american community especially good.iii He has introduced tax cuts, which is good for some people and reduced regulations that has enabled small and medium business to flourish. The Isis Caliphate which was stretching across the middle eastern countries of Syria and Iraq has lost all its lands.iv The number of illegal immigrants is also way down, v which even if one doesn’t think it a good thing, is something he promised to tackle in his campaign and which he has followed through. I’m not saying Trump is perfect and there are conservative commentators like Ben Shapiro who regularly call Trump out when they think he gets it wrong but such even-handed constructive criticism does not exist in the mainstream media. Instead there is an unregulated hatred of Trump that continually tries to twist every situation to lambaste

Over on ‘The Federalist’ website, Daniel Payne points out in his article, ‘16 Fake News Stories Reporters Have Run Since Trump Won’:

“We are in the midst of an epidemic of fake news… It is difficult to adequately sum up the breadth of this epidemic, chiefly because it keeps growing: day after day, even hour after hour, the media continue to broadcast, spread, promulgate, publicize, and promote fake news on an industrial scale. It has become a regular part of our news cycle, not distinct from or extraneous to it but a part of it, embedded within the news apparatus as a spoke is embedded in a bicycle wheel.”vii 

This is not an exaggeration. There are literally hundreds of fake news stories on Trump and his administration. I will post a few websites below that list some of them.

This fake news phenomenon is not confined to the USA, it seems to have infected all mainstream western media. RTE regularly rehash these fake news stories without ever making corrections or retractions even when those who originate the story admit they got it wrong. The same is true of Irish papers and other TV and radio channels. Listen to any report on America and I guarantee you will very quickly pick up a strong Democrat good, Republican bad and Trump downright evil bias. It’s like listening to a sycophantic party political broadcast on behalf of the Democratic party. Obama and Hillary; oh how wonderful; Trump; yuck!!! Is it just me or does anyone else find this infuriating.

How many of you believe that the Russians skewed the presidential election in favour of Trump and that the Mueller Investigation is about to impeach Trump for collusion? This story which was also mentioned on the Today show, is the biggest fake news story going. Interestingly it could be the story that does most damage not only to the Democrats but also to the western mainstream media.

Robert Mueller

Though the investigation, which has gone on for over a year has yielded nothing against Trump, it has ironically unearthed some very damning stories of corruption involving the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the Clinton Foundation, high ranking FBI officials including Mueller himself viii and……you’ll never guess…collusion with the Russians!ix Interestingly Hillary Clinton’s political mentor Saul Alinsky counselled his students to accuse their opponents of the crimes they were committing themselves. Of course you won’t find this in the mainstream media.

I will leave the details of the Mueller Russian investigation for another blog. I want to ask why has the election of Donald Trump so unhinged the mainstream media? I suppose we have to look at the media’s love affair with Hillary Clinton, which in turn points to their embracing of the Democratic Party world view, what I would refer to simply as masonic secularism, but incorporates the following; cultural Marxism / third wave feminism/ social justice warrior/ P.C., L.G.B.T. and socialist and communist movements among others. I call it masonic secularism because the principles that underlie all these other movements are basically those espoused by Free Masonry which is decidedly anti-Christian in its aims and outlook. Masonic secularism which has also been called liberalism, hides itself under the cloak of neutrality and political language and often has a veneer of Christianity, so it often goes unnoticed by the consuming masses and the underlying philosophy of this many headed monster is rarely presented to them. However we can see its effects all over our society and culture.

Masonic secularism is a religion in its own right, yes a godless religion, but a religion nonetheless if one understands the word as a way of life.  It has its own ethics, morality, view of the world, dogmas and sins and is hysterically intolerant of any one who opposes it. It is largely dominant not only in western mainstream media but also in politics and government, entertainment, the health service, sports, academia, the judiciary, education, corporations, technology, science and even the military, police forces and intelligence agencies. It is strongly linked to nanny state big government and globalism which seeks to undermine national identities in favour of pan national governments like the EU and ultimately, one world government. Hillary’s election to the White House was to move the globalist agenda to a new level, when what happened?  Donald Trump the most unlikely candidate, promising to dismantle the whole liberal globalist agenda, miraculously defeated her. You might baulk at the idea that God would have anything to do with the election of Donald Trump but take a minute to look at this very prescient prophecy of Kim Clement, protestant prophet, given in 2007, 9 years before Trump won the election.

The political left reeled in disbelief at the results and refused to accept Trump. They sought to continually undermine him through the left wing media and the libtard Hollywood entertainment industry, using both as willing tools.

President Trump

A significant factor in the Trump victory was the explosion of social media bloggers and you tubers from all parts of the political and social spectrum pushing back against the media and the globalist agenda and forming a viable alternative media on the internet. What unites this very diverse group is their commitment to seeking the truth, openness to free speech and dialogue while exposing the constant barrage of media lies and the machinations of the political left. Many young people who were initially sucked into this liberal (or libtard, as some conservative commentators disparagingly call it) way of thinking have described their experience of awakening or insight as been ‘redpilled’ – a reference to the film ‘The Matrix’.

Ben Shapiro

According to Ben Shapiro, interviewed on the Dave Rubin show, what has happened in the media, is that narrative has become more important than facts. What is important now is the narrative, with all its emotional impact that supports the political ideology of the left, even at the expense of facts. Basically the mainstream media has abandoned its standard of truth for story telling.

I am worried that so few people in Ireland seemed to have been redpilled. So many have fallen for the narrative spun by the mainstream media and are completely oblivious to the information war that’s waging out there in cyberspace for their civilisation and their souls. Even people who are practising their faith are not aware of the bigger globalist agenda which is undermining our national identity and will use the same tools at its disposal as in America; the media and entertainment industry.

The Catholic Church here is to the Irish media what Trump and white men are to the American media: the bogey man. Liberals see themselves as progressives, bringing us out of the dark ages of religion into a better world. For them to be the good guy, they need someone to be the bad guy and in Ireland that is the Catholic Church. They are not interested in the truth or contrary arguments or facts, only in portraying the Church as evil and the past as dark. Earlier, on Joe Duffy, a phone-in radio show, I heard callers portray the Magdalene Laundries as the great  evil of our past, also referring to those who took refuge in them as survivors in the same way that we talk about holocaust survivors. This sort of language contrasts greatly with the more sober and factual accounts of Jacinta Prunty in her book ‘Our Lady of Charity in Ireland’ x and even Senator Martin McAleese’s official report.xi  The lack of balance by Duffy and his producers in not entertaining the latter viewpoint, or indeed those who were helped and cared for in some of these institutions, left these women’s view of history unchallenged, thus distorting the full truth.  Again it’s narrative over facts. We see the same scenario played out in the abortion debate, narrative over facts.

If we are consumers of mainstream media we are being sucked into a web of lies that we don’t even realise are lies until we are redpilled by alternative media. It’s like when we consume mainstream media we put on a set of glasses through which we view the world and accept the narrative that is fed to us unless we take off the glasses and look at the reality. Believing lies that distort our perception and understanding of reality is called brainwashing. And unfortunately that is the state many of us find ourselves in.

Thou wilt destroy all that speak falsehood: the Lord abhors the bloody and deceitful man.

Psalm 5:6