By Helena Handbasket, June 7th 2020

As countries across the world experience the bizarre phenomenon of riots due to the killing of one black individual in America at the hands of clearly out of control police officers, and stage massed organised and simultaneous protests, why is it that these thugs and looters can’t understand that they are no more than pawns in a global game of chess? Is a stolen computer and a few t-shirts the only reason they have to live?

It must be obvious to even the most gullible that something is amiss in this whole scenario. Never before has the death of one man, a convicted criminal, provoked such intense reaction and brutal violence as has the death of George Floyd. I’m not suggesting for one second that this individual deserved to be killed by police officers in such a callous and brutal manner. He should have been arrested and put on trial for his alleged crime as is supposed to be standard practice within law. All I’m saying is that, regardless of your point of view on the issue of institutionalised racism and police brutality, (also perpetrated against white individuals with twice as many annual deaths at the hands of police) there is no justification which can be made for gangs of savage youths attacking businesses, many of them black owned no doubt, and brutally assaulting innocent people whose only concern was to protect themselves, their businesses and their livelihoods.

The ideas of Saul Alinksy are plain to see in this scenario. I would encourage readers to familiarise themselves with his writings, particularly the book, ‘Rules For Radicals‘. It is a guidebook for division and societal destruction. It would appear that his ‘useful idiots’ are plentiful these days.

Nobody can condone such violence. Black Lives Matter leaders should be outraged and vocal on every media platform condemning such actions and assisting the judicial system in ensuring that these thugs are brought to justice, regardless of colour or creed. They have no credibility otherwise, and I would argue that they have none as they stand.

Nobody so heavily funded by arch globalist George Soros can distance themselves from this criminal’s history of wanton destruction of the lives of millions of people and his support of violence throughout the world through his Open Society Foundation.

Perhaps the question should be:- What is he trying to open in society?

It seems that whenever he is involved violence ensues so perhaps it’s political and/or ethnic racial rifts he is opening? If so then he’s being very successful in his present hobby with Black Lives Matter, and some would say, his funding of what is nothing less than a terrorist organisation, ANTIFA.

He also bragged about breaking the Bank of England in an act of brutal financial terrorism which destroyed millions of lives in the UK while he made billions on his greed fuelled transactions, although greed was clearly not his motivation on that occasion. He is a global elite and this act served his bankster allies well to completely fleece the British people of their homes and wealth and drive the country into a deep recession.

The question in regards to Black Lives Matter and particularly ANTIFA is:- Why is this grotesque excuse for a human being not in prison?

He is funding a terrorist organisation worldwide, which as far as I’m aware, is a criminal offence in any state.

I’m sure he sat in one of his multimillion dollar mansions watching his work unfold on screen with absolute glee at the gullibility of the rabble doing his bidding in the full knowledge that his association with such a mob of hired cutthroats would be ignored.

It seems he and his cadre of fellow psychopaths are untouchable regardless of the horrors they plan and execute on a regular basis.

These cabals are the real enemy of all people regardless of colour, creed, socio-economic group etc…

Humanity is their plaything to be used and abused in whichever way they see fit to fulfil whatever sick goal they have planned next.

Be in no doubt, the ramifications of these events will not just go away. They will bubble under the surface, no doubt replayed at the appropriate time to instil more prejudice and hate in the global population; the divide and conquer weapon of choice to ensure that there’s no cohesion within an already divided society along many lines. A race war is looming.

If Black Lives Matter was a genuine, grass roots movement they would not be pocketing millions of dollars from the likes of Soros. Where does this money go? There are only so many bricks you can buy. It clearly goes to the rent a mob brigades within Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, which in my humble opinion are simply two factions of the same organisation.

All lives matter and unless those people who genuinely believe in a just world for all start to promote that principle, then they are simply part of the problem and will never be part of any solution.

Job done Comrade Soros.