By Helena Handbasket, June 6th 2020

Covid-19 is being used to completely change the world in every regard to the point whereby human nature itself is being dismantled to a degree which will cause real social dysfunction in society through forced restriction of human interaction by unsound, pseudo-scientific nonsense by such means as mask wearing and social distancing, to name but two.

People have been terrified by the global mainstream media and their own governments who have used the mainstream media to carry out a reign of terror on their respective populations and to enforce a new way of living on society.

A phobia, by definition is:

An extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.

A phobia is an intense fear of something that, in reality, poses little or no actual danger.

But are we experiencing a genuine phobia or are we experiencing a rational fear? There is a difference.

A fear is an emotional response to a real or perceived threat. A phobia is similar to a fear with one key difference: the anxiety they experience is so strong that it interferes with their quality of life and/or their ability to function.

The underlined sentence above would appear to be closer to the reality the general public are feeling today. It is a real fear for people because they have been manipulated to think that the threat is real. It is to them, not a perceived threat, but an actual threat. The media has made sure that this has been made real by twisting facts, manipulating the numbers of fatalities and have also engaged, with the full cooperation of governments, to psychologically condition the public with mandated lockdowns, social distancing ‘regulations’, restrictions on movement, enforced quarantines etc. to firmly embed in the public psyche that Covid-19 is a clear and present danger.

The facts do not justify this perception but the facts are deliberately withheld from the public as society is driven towards what are termed ‘new normals’ which are in fact the new abnormals.

Nothing being proposed at present regarding the need for mask wearing, social distancing, travel bans without immunity passports or even access to public buildings and commercial businesses to obtain food and other human requirements makes any logical sense, and yet, the public are falling in line with such idiocy that it’s difficult to imagine them suddenly coming to their senses and realising that this is utter insanity.

When the world is shut down for a cold virus which even the mainstream media is now having to admit is disappearing, why then are people still adhering to Draconian measures to contain a pandemic that never existed in the first place?

And why are proposals being made by governments and corporations which will drastically alter human interaction across the world?

Why the drive for global mandatory vaccinations for a virus that clearly does not require one anymore than the annual flu vaccine is necessary?

The ridiculous notion that cars are no longer sustainable because of a cold virus is not only laughable but is clearly part of an agenda which was already in the pipeline and primed for re-launch as the manmade global warming mantra fell upon more and more deaf ears. Travel bans without immunity passports are another aspect of the same agenda; Agenda 2030.

This United Nations, an unelected global organisation with no public mandate or permission to dictate to anyone, are being propelled as the world authority to bulldoze the public into a hellish future. Their own treasonous governments are the puppets of the UN who pull their strings. This is a private club, as are others, such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation heavily bribing the WHO whilst pushing for mandatory vaccines, with no mandate or authority over a dog in the street, never mind billions of human beings on planet earth. And yet these people and organisations assume control of our lives, our very existence and ability to function within a society of their choosing.

The WHO is led by a hard line communist who was also part of an Ethiopian terrorist organisation. This is not conspiracy theory. This is fact.

Is it any surprise then that this individual is easily bribed by Bill Gates to declare a pandemic against all scientific evidence to the contrary to bring about the biggest societal upheaval in the history of mankind on the lie that we face imminent death and destruction from a cold virus?

It doesn’t get any more ridiculous unless you understand that the truth is the enemy of the lie and the lie must be firmly embedded in society using repeated and incessant mainstream media propaganda to fulfil its goal.

So yes, the public do suffer from coronaphobia, but it is a manipulated phobia.

It’s a race against time and common sense for the public to wake up to the real object they should fear; the control of every aspect of their lives by a brutal totalitarian global regime using the fear of a minor threat to their health akin to a seasonal flu.

This is what their real aversion should be directed towards.


A phobia is an intense fear of something that, in reality, poses little or no actual danger.

This is where we are today, and the rational fear is clear for all to see if they’d only open their eyes.