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A Fine Gael draft policy paper for government formation talks includes a recommendation that the law be changed to allow children to legally pretend they are the opposite gender to which they actually are or a made-up gender that exists in their mind or that they came across online.

The recommendation was drafted by Fine Gael’s LGBT committee, and it calls for the law to be changed so that children aged 16 or over should be free to legally “self-declare” their own gender, whereas at the moment they must be over 18 before they can do so.

On top of this, the committee, with includes Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, himself a homosexual, calls for the law to be changed so that children under 16 can likewise legally make believe they are a different gender to their biological reality with the approval of their parents.

The report calls for the Gender Recognition Act 2015 be changed to “allow for the recognition of a gender other than male or female in law” and to “permit children aged under 16 years of age to secure legal recognition of gender by removing the ¬criterion relating to minimum age”.

There is also a call in the report for the easing of restrictions on homosexual men who wish to donate blood. As of 2016 homosexuals who had not sodomised or been sodomised by another man for 12 months could donate blood.

These restrictions were introduced around the world in the 1980’s to slow the spread of AIDS.

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