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When abortion activists can’t defend the destruction of defenseless unborn babies in abortions, they often resort to calling pro-life advocates names instead.

And that’s what a new billboard near Albuquerque, New Mexico does. Sponsored by a pro-abortion progressive organization, the billboard compares pro-life laws to rape.

“Rape is about power and control. So are abortion bans. Keep abortion safe and legal,” it states.

The accusation is false and the argument fundamentally flawed. Hendrik van der Breggen, PhD, a retired associate professor of philosophy at Providence University College in Manitoba, said the claim is based on a “faulty analogy” about power.

“Whereas rape involves power and control over women (and some men), bans on abortion are significantly NOT like rape,” van der Breggen wrote on a blog at My Steinbach.

“Unlike rape, bans on abortion are about stopping the exercise of power and control that harms other human beings (children). So bans on abortion are more like BANS ON RAPE which stop the exercise of power and control that harms other human beings (mostly women),” he continued.

Like rape, an abortion is a violent act against an innocent human being. From the moment of conception, an unborn baby is a living, irreplaceable human being with his/her own unique DNA. By the time most abortions occur, unborn babies already have beating hearts; and many have fingers and toes, brain waves and other functioning organs.

Abortions are a violent human rights abuse. The purpose is to kill a developing child inside his/her mother’s womb. Sometimes, unborn babies are aborted by being dismembered – pulled apart limb from limb while their hearts are still beating. In late-term abortions, unborn babies often are killed by injecting poison into their hearts. And even some abortionists admit that they are killing a life.

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When most people understand the basic facts about abortion, it becomes almost impossible to defend it. They realize the ugliness, the injustice, the violence committed against another human being. So, it is easier for abortion activists to try to demonize pro-life advocates than to defend their own position. It’s easier to hide behind false claims than to tell people what they actually are fighting for – the killing of unique, living unborn babies for any reason through all nine months of pregnancy.

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