By Helena Handbasket, June 4th 2020

Years ago I wrote about marauding gangs of unemployed youth taking part in riots that politicians would use as a prelude to the reintroduction of conscription to the British military. That hasn’t happened yet, but in the current climate with millions losing their jobs and no prospects for any in the future, that day is coming. This was after a recent riot that had taken place in London, but the same applies to anywhere where you have large numbers of aggressive youths trashing neighbourhoods and attacking innocent people all under the dubious guise of protesting against something which should legitimately be protested against.

Whether the recent events surrounding the George Floyd incident as they’ve been reported are factually correct, or if there is indeed something far more sinister behind the motivation for it, it is clear that savage gangs rampaging through city streets, destroying family and corporate businesses, attacking innocent bystanders and business owners simply trying to stop themselves being robbed, and attacking police officers who naturally will retaliate with brutal force, sometimes attacking people themselves without legitimate reasons, there is something far more serious at play here.

These are not random protesters suddenly turning violent because they’re outraged at the death of George Floyd. These are useful idiots who have been riled up and encouraged to go on a brutal rampage and robbing spree against anyone who gets in their way denying them the fruits of their endeavour; stolen goods which they seem to feel are worth the effort of destroying whole neighbourhoods and killing innocent people, many simply trying to protect their businesses from wanton vandalism.

These are savages and they are savages of every race. This is no longer about black people being killed by police officers; it really never was other than the original peaceful protests. This was an orchestrated event by people behind the scenes who could call on gangs of violent youths to carry on an agenda of violence for motives which no doubt will become clear in time.

I’m sure the George Soros funded ‘Black Lives Matter’ organisation has acolytes who are genuinely concerned at the numbers of black people killed by police officers. However, there seems to be no concern for white people killed by police officers which is more than double. Neither do we hear about the numbers of black people killing black people which is around half those killed by police officers. Conveniently, there are no figures for black or white police officers killing black or white civilians.

“Black Lives Matter”

“The Black Lives Matter Movement, formed in 2013, has been a vocal part of the movement against police brutality in the U.S. by organizing “die-ins”, marches, and demonstrations in response to the killings of black men and women by police.

While Black Lives Matter has become a controversial movement within the U.S., it has brought more attention to the number and frequency of police shootings of civilians.”
(Only black civilians)

All lives matter and of course everyone should be outraged at police brutality against the general public, but they don’t get millions of dollars thrown at them. It seems that certain lives mean more than others; namely black lives. They certainly seem to have a greater dollar value for whatever use you wish to put those black lives to.

Black Lives Matter is a heavily funded organisation with dubious credentials.

Their funder, George Soros, is arguably one of the most notorious (authorised) criminals on the planet and it was him who famously bragged that he had brought down the Bank of England thus crushing the British economy, causing long term recession and destroying the lives of millions of people due to his financial scams and manipulation of currency and other financial mechanisms.

Most of those innocently joining this organisation have no idea as to who George Soros is or what his motivations are. If they were to look into this (authorised) criminal’s background they would see that he has no interest in black lives, or any other lives. He is part of a global cabal with an agenda which is clearly being rolled out under the guise of a coronavirus hoax pandemic which is falling apart for all to see if they’d just pay attention.

What better way to take the attention away from the collapsing narrative than to introduce a new one for the mainstream whore media, which he also funds, to spew forth hatred and race division causing the chaos being streamed into homes around the world?

He also funds the democrat political machine.

I wonder how all those progressive democrats now feel about democratic party gun control policies which have left them defenceless against these savage youths? They should literally be clamouring to remove any barriers to them owning guns, particularly those who now have enough evidence to justify a legitimate need to arm themselves to protect their businesses, livelihoods and lives.

There are numerous videos online showing the savage brutality of these useful idiots who have no idea what awaits them in the near future.

No, I’m not talking about social distancing for life or 24/7 surveillance through their newly illegally acquired mobile phones, or the imminent introduction of mandatory vaccines. I’m talking about conscription.

It is not beyond the realms of probability that these orchestrated riots are part of a wider agenda to bring back the idea of conscription to the military. The general public will wholeheartedly agree after seeing such sickening violence on their TV screens for many days. There is no doubt that many of these savages will be identified. Tracking and tracing has already been used to identify ‘protesters’ in Michigan so there’s no reason to assume it won’t be used across the country to identify many violent perpetrators.

Yes, absolutely there are ‘privacy’ concerns. But tracking protesters is just part of a bigger surveillance issue which everyone should be apoplectic over. We are now being told we will be spied on 24/7 by the state, globally. The biggest ‘privacy’ concern is that ‘privacy’ no longer exists as a right and in reality no longer exists at all.

But before conscription I’m sure we’ll see active duty US troops on the streets of every major city in America, martial law, under the guise of ‘keeping us safe’. Curfews which have already been introduced in many cities will become more widespread and ‘normal’. We will be acclimated to seeing troops on the streets who will fire on civilians if ordered to do so although there are some rumblings of discontent within the military for such deployment.

But getting back to the issue of conscription, it’s coming. And again, George Soros is another of those warmongers who is constantly denigrating china as the new enemy.

What better way to beef up the military than to con large numbers of youth to put themselves directly in the firing line for warmongers like himself to use again to fulfill his and his cabal’s agenda of global control?

Perhaps when these cowardly savages face a real opponent in the face of a foreign enemy in a foreign land, perhaps they’ll finally realise they’ve been played for the fools they are… But somehow, I think not.