By Helena Handbasket – June 3rd 2020

It’s firmly believed throughout society that sheep are one of the dumbest creatures on planet Earth. That may well be true, but sheep also have instincts and tend to have some awareness of when they’re under threat from the farmer’s sheepdog or the slaughterman’s weapons.

The irony is that these beliefs regarding our woolly friends are firmly entrenched in the minds of the general public whose instincts seem to have completely deserted them, so much so that if a sheep could understand the current human predicament of unfolding tyranny exposing itself in front of us its instinct would be to run a mile and get as far away from the human slaughterhouse as possible.

Not so the human. They have been suckered into a deadly morass by the media and seem unable to take a step forward to say, “No, enough. Back off.” Instead, they blindly sleepwalk into a world of an impending hellish nightmare oblivious to any facts presented to them from anything alternate to the mainstream narrative. There is a deadly virus that’s going to kill millions. There will never be a return to normal because of it and only a perception of normality, which is absolutely abnormal, would have been unthinkable as the bells rang out bringing in the new year on January 1st 2020 will be tolerated. That is, it seems, what the general population has accepted as the future world for future generations. Shame on them.

A vaccine that will save the world is the firmly held belief amongst so many that it is almost heresy to suggest an alternative view; and you’ll be attacked for doing so. Different opinions are toxic to those willing to stick a needle in their arm because Bill Gates says so. They do not imagine that things will never be the same again even as they’re told by the talking heads of all mainstream media and their compatriot whores of the global print media.

So-called ‘fact checkers’ censor anything not fitting with the narrative with spurious excuses to label anything false or no excuses at all, no explanation; it’s simply false because they say it is.

Unfortunately, these are the voices listened to by the ‘germ ridden masses’ as the general public are described by their media mogul masters.

Sheep have a distinct advantage over the average human being in that they are not exposed to media. However, they can still be manipulated by humans and their pack of hounds to comply with instructions which inevitably lead to their own ‘final solution’. They are rounded up, put through the sheep dip decontamination pool and herded into trucks to be driven to their future as high end restaurant menu items. In a sense, the sheep is stupid to go along with it, but lacking the intelligence of its human counterpart, instinct alone doesn’t serve it particularly well.

The human, on the other hand, has no such excuse for idiocy. It was born with intelligence and instinct for its survival which has served it well for millennia. Unfortunately, instinct is a human attribute that needs a little practice occasionally to keep it functioning at a level which will protect the human from danger when presented with it in whatever form that may be.

These days, humans only seem to have any sense of danger when it’s already imminent and most often too late to avoid. A sheep, once startled, will try to flee danger before it’s harmed. Today’s average human doesn’t seem remotely aware that the train is coming down the tracks even as it rolls over them.

This is the situation we find ourselves in today with the vast majority of the public completely oblivious to the train rattling down the tracks clearly displayed on every mainstream media platform on Earth without the slightest grasp of the impending disaster about to engulf them. The TV and press tell them what to think, what to feel, what to say and what not to say, what to wear, who you can and can’t be close to or even shake hands with. We have entered the final stages of the age of stupidity, whereby the unthinkably idiotic is being accepted as perfectly rational.

As time goes on the humble sheep may be regarded as a lesson to us all. A body with instinct but lacking of general intelligence still has some chance of survival in our world if it’s able to run and hide.

The human being, lacking in both instinct and intelligence, is doomed to be a victim of the worst tyranny the world has ever known, and the sad part is, they’ll have put themselves into the sheep pen with no pack of hounds to force them, and end their lives as metaphorical meat on the table for their tyrannical masters.