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Professor Jeremiah Honkleberg @AllPassingThing

1) Migrants are more likely than working class Irish to attend third level The reason for this is government initiatives to encourage them to do so, while as many obstacles as possible are put in place of working class natives

2) Migrants get to skip to the top of housing lists that natives languish on for years This one particularly annoys D4 liberals who don’t understand why working class natives don’t just take out an overdraft and buy a new home like they do, but it is absolutely true

3) Homelessness High rents occur as a result of 20 migrants often living together, pushing the rent up beyond the capability of Irish people to pay For this reason, the majority of Ireland’s 12,000 homeless are natives

4) Employment Migrants are positively discriminated against because they will accept low wages and their arrival pushes wages down They are more likely to be employed than natives for this reason Don’t believe me, ask the Central Bank

5) Family Socially, there is far less stigma attached to a migrant family producing children and having families than there are to natives The resulting cultural nihilism has caused serious problems to the mental health of native Ireland’s young men and women

6) Press coverage There are double the amount of Irish homeless as there are those in Direct Provision 1,000 Irish natives died like dogs in nursing homes from Covid, nobody died in Direct Provision Guess which one got all the coverage and hand wringing?

7) Social Welfare Don’t get me wrong, Irish people scam the dole too But the stuff that goes on with migrants is beyond common sense and it is made an unspeakable topic by media who conflate simple economics with racism

8) ‘Asylum’ 33% of Ireland’s ‘asylum seekers’ last year came from holiday destinations Georgia and Albania €129 million a year goes to the gangsters who run the places they live in, all with the support of the left who want the migrants to be naturalized eventually

9) Passports and visas like candy These headlines say it all.

10) Privilege Migrants never suffered what our ancestors suffered, that’s why many of them mock the famine To be a Gael isn’t civic identity like being from California It is centuries of oppression, not showing up from a country of 200 million when you hear there’s money

Professor Jeremiah Honkleberg