By Helena Handbasket, May 28th 2020

In Orwell’s 1984 Winston Smith’s torturer O’Brien tried to convince him that 2+2=5 but it would seem that in today’s dumbed down world, the bar has been lowered to 0+1=0.

When The University of Oxford Jenner Institute’s Professor Adrian Hill stated in The Sunday Telegraph last week that the Covid-19 virus was disappearing too quickly, and that that fact had reduced the chances of having a vaccine to 50%, people should have immediately been in ecstasy, breaking their enforced house arrest and swarmed the streets with cries of joy that the virus was almost dead and buried. It should almost have been akin to the end of a war.

However, so-called journalist and writer of the piece, Bill Gardner, never seemed to bat the proverbial newspaper hack’s eye but continued to view this news as nothing to get excited about.

As if that wasn’t enough, Hill continued stating that:-

We’re in the bizarre position of wanting COVID to stay, at least for a little while.”

Despite all evidence to the contrary, Covid-19 is not the pandemic disease which requires a total shutdown of global economic systems and the imprisonment of vast numbers of innocent, healthy people in their own homes, and yet that’s what’s been done with grossly inflated death figures poured out through media outlets across the globe to terrify and push populations into the bizarre new world that only maniacs could have dreamed up.

Again, Gardner never bats an eye at this wish as he continues the propaganda. In all honesty, I’m surprised that this was even published. If it is just a genuine case of hubris from a quack at Oxford University, partly bribed by Bill Gates, then I would have to wonder if Gates’ education reforms have also been instituted at Oxford University, and in particular the Jenner Institute, which may well explain the idiocy behind this inexplicable admission.

If the disease is already on the wane, why are billions of Dollars, Pounds and Euros being spent on a brand new, warp speed driven ‘vaccine’ that it would appear is totally unnecessary?

Again, if this is just an idiotic slip up from what I would imagine is an intelligent professor, and if it is just a case of ‘see no, hear no’ by a very poor journalist, then it speaks volumes with regard to what qualifies these people to hold the positions they do.

It would appear that both need to retire into obscurity, or at the very least visit a gulag in Siberia to be re-educated back into mantra mode as both are equally ill equipped for their present employment and completely unfit for purpose.

I’ve seen nobody in mainstream media question these statements in regard to the obvious conclusion that must be determined from them.

Covid-19 is not a big problem. It is not even a problem which ordinarily would even hit the headlines on an average year. And yet, here we are facing the prospect of forced vaccinations, no right to engage in society at all, no right to see your friends or family and laws are in place where everything in your life can be taken from you at the whim of a criminal, dressed up as an authoritarian official.

Enough is enough. Their lies have been exposed through their own words and actions.