By Helena Handbasket, May 27th 2020

As discussions continue into June as to whether Americans will be given another dose of what they think is free money to spend on frivolities, this time around their free money may well have conditions attached.

No, I don’t mean what you can spend it on, but whether you get it or not may well depend on a degree of compliance on your part as to any demands made by the state to qualify you for the cash. If there are no conditions this time around you can guarantee they’ll come once people have gotten used to the fact that they have a regular check from the government in the post.

I would imagine the first condition will be taking a Covid-19 test. This on the face of it may seem reasonable to some if there was a real danger of a deadly pandemic rampaging across the country. But of course there’s not.

But that won’t matter to the puppet masters of the universe. They will insist on a test regardless of any facts, of which there are volumes, written and oral, which show that Covid-19 is not the highly infectious, communicable, deadly disease that the government, in cahoots with mainstream media, have portrayed it to be.

No, there is no need for testing of anyone. It has never been done before for any disease in history, many far more dangerous than this common cold virus. I don’t recall mandatory testing for SARS, HIV/AIDS, Swine Flu or any other flu or disease. Quite frankly, testing is pretty pointless anyway. What does it matter if you’ve had a virus and gotten over it quite naturally through your own immune system? What does it matter if you’re asymptomatic?

Another possible condition which could be applied is the necessity to wear a muzzle or gag, otherwise called a surgical mask, to be allowed to enter public spaces. That would include anywhere outside the boundaries of your home, perhaps even your own garden. If you desperately need that money to feed your family because the government has literally thrown you on the ever growing scrapheap of the unemployed, then you may have no choice but to fall in line with such lunacy or starve.

But of course, that is simply a very slippery slope towards mandatory vaccination.

Let me ask the question:-

If one of the major airlines were giving away free flight tickets to any destination in the world and there were only a few snags to consider, such as, the plane you would be flying on had been developed at ‘warp speed’, could allegedly fly at ‘warp speed’ but it had no pilot in place and it had never been tested in the real world, only on computer models, which showed that it was highly successful and safe, with only a few minor problems to consider, and that if something went wrong you could not sue the airline…

Would you fly on such an aircraft?

The answer I would think and hope would be:- ‘Certainly not!’

Although the analogy is not a medical one, that is the type of ‘take it or leave it’ choice you are going to have to consider should the time come, and it will, to get your Universal Benefit Income check. If you wisely decide it is not worth the risk then you face another choice.

Are you going to remain a prisoner in your own home while you and your family starve?

Of course not. How can you? So what will you do?

Consider this. Should you refuse a warp speed produced, untested , dangerous vaccine the state may well have you electronically tagged in the first instance to ensure that you and your family comply with being under permanent house arrest. They will appoint a government employee to see to your grocery needs and other essential requirements you may have, but you will not be allowed to interact within society at all.

How will you react to that? Will you simply allow the state to tag you like a criminal? Or will you continue to resist?

Assuming you comply yet again, because you need to feed your family, you are then simply one step away from forced vaccination because the state will eventually determine that it is too expensive to spend money on you through the cost of maintaining your needs with a government employee and will then decide that mandatory vaccination is the only solution to free up that government employee to hound other innocent people and you will be vaccinated against your will regardless of any protest on your part or even any existing health conditions you may suffer from.

What will you do then?

You may be allowed to re-integrate into the bizarre and abnormal society being created now and go about your daily routine in some fashion, but that won’t last forever either.

What will you do when the stimulus check starts to get smaller and smaller to the point where you are back where you started in terms of struggling to feed your family? Perhaps at that point you may be told that the state can no longer support you at all and there will be no further stimulus checks available, no jobs and no hope for you or your family.

You are now in a position to do virtually nothing unless you turn to crime to support your family. But remember, you’re going to be tracked and traced wherever you go for the rest of your life, however short that may be in the circumstances, so it’s going to be virtually impossible to survive…

I suggest you go back to where we started and begin to think about the moment that stimulus check comes with conditions attached and make a hard choice.

It may be the last choice you’ll ever have the freedom to make.

Check mate? No thanks!