By Helena Handbasket, May 26th 2020

As is now becoming common knowledge, or at least should be, we are having foisted upon us all forms of pseudo-gender descriptions of people who are clearly mentally ill. They need serious help or they need locked up for their own safety. They are clearly delusional.

You are either a male or a female. No amount of convincing yourself will make that fact any different from what it was the day you were born.

What started off as a pseudo-grassroots’ movement (it was never anything of the sort) quickly developed into today’s utterly bizarre attempts at normalising the utterly abnormal. We’ve gone from homosexuals and lesbians into the quagmire of defining anyone as anything they choose to define themselves as. Added to the original Lesbian Gay list was Bi for bisexual, T for transsexual, Q for queer and eventually I for intersexual, and for good measure + for anything else I guess.

But up until yesterday, when a twitter post exposed it, I had not heard of the P addition to the abnormalist’s lexicon. P now denotes Pedosexuals.

This is defined as:-

“A person sexually active with children”

Note the tagline on the Twitter post… EQUALITY & ACCEOTANCE

Check any online dictionary for the term and you will generally find the following:-

This is apparently more than acceptable amongst these abnormalists and gives you an idea of the ideology which has been rolling out over decades now to normalise all form of sexual depravity and dress it up as perfectly acceptable within society.


There are people out there who are attracted to their own sex, but that does not give them any right to foist their lifestyle choices on the vast majority of people who are in ordinary male/female relationships. But over the years that is exactly what has been done with the explicit approval of governments who have given such groups such special status over and above the rights of the average person. They can be offended at the slightest hint of disapproval and have you arrested.

There is no ‘equality’ for heterosexual people. No, equality is only for the abnormal in society, the abused minorities as they like to portray themselves as if they have nothing to do with the fact that many people are sick and tired of them pontificating on their rights whilst they wish to trample on the rights of the majority.

Gay Pride marches are a stain on the very fabric of society. Sexuality is a private thing. We don’t see the vast majority of people in all their heterosexual guises go out on Heterosexual Pride marches, quite simply because you cannot be proud of something which is naturally part of your physical and mental state which you were born with. It is not an achievement. One could argue, and I’m sure an abnormalist would, that they have reinvented themselves in the face of outrageous contempt and torment to achieve their goal of being able to march on a parade with their bare backside on full view for anyone perverted enough to go along and see it. Hardly something to brag about.

But now we see the real goal of the elitist agenda. It’s bad enough that the WHO is grooming children to think all of this perversion is normal.

See here:-

But the end goal is coming into view with pedophilia now having its very own brand name, PEDOSEXUALITY.

As mentioned above, the definition is of someone who is actively involved in sexual activity with a child.

That being the case, there are laws still in place (they may not be for long) that can deal with such sick depravity and these laws should be implemented to arrest these people who, by their own labelling of themselves as Pedosexuals, are admitting that they are actively involved in sexual activity with children. As also mentioned in the article above, children are being taught from birth that these types of people are ‘normal’ and presumably that any sexual activity with them is therefore ‘normal’. You can’t have pedosexual activity without a child. By using the term ‘new normal’, everything classed in such a way simply becomes by definition ‘abnormal’ simply by a span of time. One second something is normal, the next it isn’t.

This is utter insanity.

I’ve no doubt, that even today, if a neighbour or work colleague turned to you and said they were a pedosexual and explained to you that it meant they were sexually active with children, you would either have them arrested or act on gut instinct and inflict grievous bodily harm upon them if they feel strongly enough. This would be a normal reaction against someone who openly admits to sexually abusing children, but of course that would be illegal and in no way am I suggesting that people resort to violence. However, these people need to be behind bars to protect children everywhere, as do those degenerates in the WHO who advocate and promote the grooming of children for nefarious sexual purposes thus making it easy for predatory pedophiles to have their way with them.

Unfortunately someone’s gut instinct may take over and that would not be a new normal. That would be a very old normal reaction from any normal person, and has been forever, towards anyone sexually abusing a child.