Written by Patrick Henningsen

REJECT: Anywhere you see the phrase “the New Normal” – you should reject it.

It’s based on fraudulent premise that COVID-19 is somehow fundamentally a much greater threat than numerous other infectious diseases, when it’s not. They speak as if an all-pervasive regime of ‘social distancing’ is but a fait accompli. They would like to strip away as much human interaction as possible, to rob people of the very thing we need most, human contact and feeling. Anyone pushing this deceptive and disingenuous canard should be confronted and publicly admonished.

The propaganda term “New Normal” is a contrived construct which does not reflect reality as it is, but rather how elites and their dutiful Government mandarin class and corporate ‘stakeholders’ would like reality to be in the future, namely: less freedom and independence, less economic opportunity and more misery for plebs and proles. If there was any justice or accountability at the end of this ungodly misadventure, the real ‘new normal’ should entail removing or recalling any and all politicians, state officials who actively supported and pressed ahead with the epic failure of Lockdown policy – especially those still pushing it now.

At top end of their ‘New Normal’ construct you will find real stakeholders clustered around the World Economic Forum in Davos, and led by Silicon Valley giants, Amazon and the Bio-Pharma sector. These are many of the primary architects of a cashless, AI and robotics-driven #4IR Fourth Industrial Revolution. In their dependency-driven UBI dystopia, the whole concept of ‘labour’ will be rearranged to make way for big data-driven, applied behavioural psychology-focused, pseudo economy dominated by the same oligarchs and their offspring we have today. A full-blown, mechanised Technocracy. That is their vision of future.

But lastly, and most importantly, remember this one key point: the Virus didn’t cause this economic meltdown, the mass destruction of small businesses, the fracturing of lives, families and communities, the stress and further health crisis result from those unattended with severe needs. No, it wasn’t the Virus that did that, it was GOVERNMENT decisions which caused ALL of that to happen. They told us “There is no alternative”, when in fact there was. Don’t let these hacks and charlatans scapegoat all of this on a Coronavirus.

Written by Patrick Henningsen