On the face of it, it appears that the President of Brazil is quite the character and typical of most politicians, quite simply a lying crook, but given the current hyped hysteria surrounding something akin to a flu virus with a similar mortality rate, if not less, it’s easy to see why President Bolsonaro may be the target of a smear campaign. I’m not saying that he’s innocent by any means, but neither am I saying he’s guilty as charged on what would appear to be pretty flimsy evidence.

So why would other members of the political establishment want to attack him?

It seems pretty clear from statements he’s made that the he believes that the current hysteria over Covid-19 is totally unwarranted, and I would agree, but he goes further and states, again quite rightly back on March 25th this year, that self-isolation was “mass confinement” and called the coronavirus “a little cold”. He went on to ask the sensible question: “If only people older than 60 are at risk, why close the schools?” He has called for Brazilians to return to work, public spaces and commerce contradicting his own health officials and the global ‘consensus’. We don’t need to be reminded that a consensus in science is a bogus premise. Science is based on empirical facts, not guesswork and cozying up to your peers with a similar agenda.


I think in those two statements alone we can see why opposition members and others would seek to oust him from office. He is clearly not buying into the WHO fable that this is a pandemic. He is also going against his own health officials. So what? Perhaps he’s done some investigation of the situation himself and is not willing to prostitute himself to the WHO and others, unlike his health officials, who supposedly as scientists and experts in their respective fields, should by now realise that Covid-19 is a tool to take down the global economy, impose Draconian laws across the planet and enslave humanity in a mass surveillance control grid that every totalitarian, despotic dictator of the past could only dream of.

It gets more interesting.

It’s not often you’ll hear a high ranking official anywhere in the world demand the arming of the populace. This is anathema to most politicians, even in so-called civilised western societies. They simply do not want an armed public which could turn on them when they become tyrannical, and that’s why most of the world has been disarmed over the past century by pseudo-democratic governments.

This sets Bolsonaro apart from his contemporaries in today’s world where totalitarian control is being imposed across the world at an alarming rate.

Perhaps Bolsonaro saw what was coming early as he observed the speed and overwhelming use of lockdowns, particularly in China, Britain, parts of the US, Italy and other European countries when he made it easier for Brazilians to buy firearms back in January 2020. He has since made it even easier encouraging Brazilians to arm themselves. And it seems to have worked as gun ownership has soared since then. Perhaps the Brazilian population fear a despotic government more than they fear the gods of climate change who are demanding similar totalitarian measures to control the population using bogus science regarding Covid-19’s lethality.


As a result of an expletive filled video recently released, it shows that Bolsonaro is not concerned about protecting the established political system from hoards of gun owners but is more concerned with protecting ordinary Brazilians from the established political system which is trying to impose WHO measures akin to totalitarianism to combat a disease which is at worst unremarkable.


He’s also going against the green agenda by opening up areas of the Amazon for mining and exploration. Whatever you may feel about that it is clear that this is also being used as part of a wider agenda for those wishing to discredit Bolsonaro. And of course, the green agenda is a huge element of what is now being heavily pushed by governments across the planet demanding that we should eat less meat, unless it’s lab grown by Bill Gates, Instead we’re being encouraged to eat bugs instead. The car will soon be a thing of the past for most people, or indeed forbidden to own at all.


“A Europe-focussed part of the United Nations argues that the “mass use of cars will not be sustainable” after global lockdowns ease. To meet international climate change obligations, governments will instead have to fund and promote “more environmentally sound, healthy ‎and sustainable” forms of mobility, “particularly bicycle use.”

The organization argues that the “current crisis gives us an opportunity to reconsider the functioning of the transport sector” and that there is an “obligation to restart in a manner that is conducive to a more efficient, greener, healthier and more sustainable system.”

What has any of this got to do with a virus?

Where is the logic behind such statements?

This is simply one of many opportunistic memes from the despots of the UN who have no right to dictate to the people of the world on anything. Statements like these should be seen in the light of an agenda which is clearly coming into view using a fake pandemic and have no basis in logic or reality in the world.

This is a completely nonsensical, bogus, hysterical rant of a climate cult that has failed in large part in previous attempts to plunge the world into utter poverty. Not so now as these tyrants of the church of global warming are going full force to deprive us of the right to everything, including life itself.

Whatever Bolsonaro’s wrongdoings, if indeed there are any, he’s right on gun ownership and not bowing down in the midst of a global pandemic hoax to enslave the Brazilian people.

Any political leader in any country that calls for the arming of its people can surely have to a large degree the rights of the people to defend themselves in mind. He goes on to state:-

“That’s why I want the population to be armed. That’s what guarantees that some son of a bitch can’t just show up and install a dictatorship here.”

Again, regardless of whether this is a smear campaign or these investigations have some merit, it’s clear that those in the political hierarchy are very uncomfortable at the idea of a well-armed Brazilian population being able to oust them if they so desire.