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Joe Biden put himself in hot water this morning with an interview in which he said the black Americans who support President Donald Trump aren’t really black. The pro-abortion vice presidential candidate is coming under fire for the controversial comments.

After an interview with a black talk show host, the host invited Biden to return to the program and added “It’s a long way to November. We’ve got more questions.”

“I tell you if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black,” Biden shot back.

Sen. Tim Scott, a black pro-life Republican who represents South Carolint, told Fox News Biden made the “most condescending and arrogant comments toward the black community he has ever heard.”

He also tweeted: “1.3 million black Americans already voted for Trump in 2016. This morning, Joe Biden told every single one of us we “ain’t black.” I’d say I’m surprised, but it’s sadly par for the course for Democrats to take the black community for granted and brow beat those that don’t agree.

He said such comments are not surprising considering Biden’s record in “sponsoring a crime bill in the 1990s that jailed more African-American males than any other legislation.”

“And President Trump comes along, and through his criminal justice reform, corrects the absolute mistakes made by Joe Biden; 1.3 million African-Americans voted for Trump. He’s saying to 1.3 million African-Americans that you are not black? Who in the heck does he think he is? That is the most arrogant, outrageous comment that I’ve heard in a very long time and I take offense to that.”

Shortly after the interview aired #youaintblack and #JoeBidenisaracist began trending on Twitter.

Trump campaign senior advisor Katrina Pierson said in a statement that Biden’s remarks make clear “that Joe Biden believes Black men and women are incapable of being independent or free thinking.”

But Biden staffer Symone Sanders claimed the comment was just made in jest.

The dustup could push Biden to pick a black or Hispanic vice presidential running mate like abortion activist Stacey Abrams or pro-abortion Sen. Kamala Harris.

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