– Italian Politician Calls Out ‘Depopulation Expert’ 

By R.X. Kendrick – All News Pipeline

“International Medical Crimes Charge”expected against Bill Gates and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Italy, Africa and India. 

Billionaire Bill Gates commits international medical malpractice crimes by practicing and dispensing medicine without any form of valid legal medical license. Charges are pending against Bill Gates for Crimes Against Humanity in Italy, but his illegal dispensing of medicine without a license is a separate multiple-violation of international law. Not just anyone is allowed to practice international medicine because they are super-rich.

Look at this picture: Does this man/maniac have any “legal” right to dispense medicine directly into a child’s mouth? What does international law say? About an unlicensed “depopulation expert” killing and maiming children by “personally” dispensing life-threatening medicines illegally around the world to impoverished communities.

An international investigation must be ordered into Bill Gates dispensing deadly vaccine doses to world children with no legal capacity to allow him such dangerous privilege. His assets must be seized, and he must be taken into custody by the Italians and/or others who are willing to step forward for their own protection – of their own populaces from Gates’ planned genocide.

A recent YouTube story told of two little girls falling ill and dying within 30-minutes of taking Bill Gates’ vaccine in Africa. It was a filmed interview of family and tribal members after the event. The graphic murder picture at the front of this article shows it could have been Bill himself “personally” who delivered the 2-kill doses to the two little girls.

Gates is implicated in the entire Coronavirus Scamdemic. From holding an international composeum immediately before the outbreak, to announcing the outbreak coming repeatedly marching up the event, to securing timely patents in November 2019 related to the outbreak. The man is far beyond complicit by his actions to also seize the world stage and demand all people worldwide take his mandatory vaccines.

Look at this picture: What does international law say about an unlicensed “depopulation expert” non-medical DOCTOR doing this to children?

This potential murder picture shows it could have been Bill Gates himself who “personally” delivered the vaccines that will kill a calculable percentage of those who are vaccinated.

Is it legal for Bill Gates to practice medicine internationally without a license? Look at the sinister smile on this deranged man’s face, and ask yourself, “How many of the children in these photos are still alive today?” Ponder that for a minute, then ask yourself, “And how many of the children in these photos did Bill’s vaccines kill?”

I encourage Donald Trump to put Clint Eastwood in charge of dealing with Bill Gates and his devious plans to force-vaccinate Americans who don’t want to be poked by the likes of such a profiteering scumbag as him, who won’t even vaccinate his own children but wants to vaccinate yours!

“When a man with a .45 meets a man with a needle, the man with the needle can kiss his @ss goodbye.” Clint Eastwood 

The 2nd video below is titled: Vaccine Whistleblower: New Vaccine Causes Sterility In 97% of Women! 

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