By Helena Handbasket, May 21st 2020

On March 13th 2020 The Irish Times stated that hundreds of prisoners may be released to reduce jail risk of Covid-19.

“Prisoners with less than three months remaining would be considered for early release first, followed by those with up to six months remaining.”

There are two issues in this opening headline and paragraph that warrant serious concern.

Firstly, what is the risk of Covid-19 within a secure facility which in itself provides adequate accommodation for quarantine should it be required and presumably a medical wing where anyone testing positive (a dubious assumption at best) being able to receive treatment on site?

Surely a prison is ideal for such measures? If not, why not? If you can venture out on your allotted timespan to visit a grocery store or pharmacy, why is it any different for a prisoner walking round with other prisoners in prison? They can stay in their cell if they desire just as anyone who feels they are at risk from catching anything can stay at home and take whatever precautions they feel serve their own needs.

This is apparently a pre-emptive measure just in case some prisoners test positive for Covid-19. So here we have prisoners being released for no good reason whatsoever. They have not tested positive for Covid-19. Have they been tested for other communicable diseases, such as HIV? I would suggest that would be a more likely source of disease than Covid-19.

“There is concern within the Department of Justice and the Irish Prison Service that the prisoner population may be especially vulnerable to Covid-19. Many prisoners have serious underlying health, due in large part to years of drug abuse, and a large number are being maintained in methadone.”

But it gets worse. The release of prisoners with less than three months to serve will be followed by further releases of prisoners with less than six months to serve and of course this will continue as more prisoners fall within that timescale. The Irish Times goes on to state that prisoners with more than twelve months to serve would never be considered in this scheme, but again, it appears that under twelve months is also under consideration. They go on to say that violent or sexual offenders would never be released.

“The Irish Times understands prisoners with more than 12 months left to serve would never be considered, nor would those serving sentences for violent crimes, including sex offences.”

There can never be any justification whatsoever for releasing prisoners early in any circumstances who have committed crimes which are violent and/or sexual in nature.

However, it seems that was just another lie from mainstream media and the government. On May 21st, 2020 the Irish Examiner reported that 175 convicted sex-offenders are already on the streets having been given early release from prison.

No mention is even made of Covid-19 as an excuse. According to the Examiner, they have already been released into the community, but don’t worry, they’re being supervised. How are they being supervised is never mentioned and Irish law forbids these respective communities or anyone else from knowing if one of these violent perverts is in your area or even around your children. But again, don’t worry, they’re being supervised to ensure the safety of children, because they’re considered high risk. Well, if they’re high risk they should not be on the streets to carry on their perverted activities. It is also clear that some of these perverts have been involved in sexual crimes against children.

Back in Sept. 2019, The Irish Times reported that almost half of prisoners released were reconvicted in three years.

However, it doesn’t state how many offences they committed which could have been numerous, and again, only the crimes they were caught for.  The figure for sex offenders was 18.9% who fell within the same timescale of reconviction.

I wonder how many of these newly released sex offenders will re-offend? According The Times it could be 18.95 or at least 33 of them. How many would have died of Covid-19? And what about the victims of these 33 perverts? There could of course again be many more than 33 victims. Who will be held responsible if they re-offend? You can bet it won’t be the Prison Service or the Irish Government.

It’ll be the ‘fault’ of a bogus pandemic and the hapless victim who didn’t even know these creeps were in their midst.