By Digital Desk staff Thursday, May 21, 2020 – 07:09 AM

More than 170 convicted sex-offenders are being supervised in the community after being released from prison.

A rape victim is calling for new laws that would allow people to know if one is living near them.

These new figures have been released under the Freedom of Information Act by the Probation Service.

The 175 convicted sex-offenders have been released from prison but are still being supervised in the community.

They range from young adults to pensioners, 61 are under 35, and 16 are between 66 and 85.

The highest amount, 42, is managed by probation services in the midlands and southeast.

That’s followed by 30 in Dublin south and Wicklow, and 17 in Dublin north and northeast.

You are not allowed to know if one is living close to you – but rape victim Debbie Cole has said people should in some cases, like in the UK.

“I do think that we should have a system like Sarah’s Law,” she said, “where you say when my children were younger if they were going to to an art club or dance club, I could go to the gardai and say “look Joe Bloggs is running this art club, are they safe to be around my children”.”

The Probation Service works with a number of organisations to manage the risk posed by sex-offenders.

These include community-based therapeutic programmes.

High-risk offenders are monitored more closely to make children are kept safe.