We’re all used to traitors within the media, all around the world, who will prostitute themselves to huge cash incentives and lie through their teeth to the public, many for decades, over the airwaves, print media, the computer and of course primarily the multitudes of cinema size TV sets in the home today.

We should all know by now that mobile phones have been tracking us for years. We know this because governments around the world have finally admitted it in the midst of the Covid-19 bogus crisis. Not only that, but online trolls have recently gone into overdrive (they were always there) to smear anyone with a conflicting opinion to the ‘authorised’ narrative on Covid-19, vaccines or anything else where “truth is the enemy of the lie.”

But now it’s coming to your front door with a new face to face tyrant, no doubt officially dressed in the latest totalitarian garb, to ‘contact trace’ you to determine whether you are fit to return to or even engage in society at all.

In tyrannical states a knock on the door of your home struck terror into the hearts and minds of the occupants. You didn’t know if it was a friend or enemy or a complete stranger with no reason to knock on your door. Many could be identified by the uniform they wore and that would definitely make you fearful, but you would never really know. Even friends and family would betray you if the price was right or the threat to them was severe enough that they would turn anyone in to protect themselves; and certainly the price is right with a $65,000 a year salary being offered to potential contract tracing employees with no relevant experience (how could they have?) willing to hand over their grandmother, if required, for a big fee.


Tyrants throughout history have always had to spy on their populations to maintain their grip on power, but none could ever have imagined having the degree of technological wizardry available today. Spying on the public has never been easier. However, they’re not quite fully automated yet. I’m sure that’ll come later, but in the meantime we’ll have spies, using the misnomer ‘contact tracers’ to spy on us all under the guise of our safety and security. Their stated aim is to prevent repeated outbreaks of the Covid-19 bogus pandemic and they intend to do this by knocking on your door and finding out about every aspect of your life, including who you associate with. This will include everyone, total strangers you have had no interaction with, whom you may have come within 6 feet or 2 meters of (you better start carrying a tape measure) and passing that on to… Well, who knows?

You will never know who you MAY have come close to who MAY have been tested positive with Covid-19 (using tests which have been proven to be utterly useless at identifying infected persons) and if you MAY or MAY not have been infected as a consequence of simply walking down the street. This is of course, at present, allegedly, reliant on you carrying your smart phone with the contact tracing app “available for free download” in your respective country. I suspect that having the app or not will make no difference. The smart phone is already tracking you and knows where you are 24/7, if you choose to carry it.

Obviously…. OBVIOUSLY, anyone can get a knock on the door under the premise that you have been in close contact with a supposedly infected person. Everyone will get that dreaded knock on the door, especially if you’ve been flagged as having a mind of your own simply by having a differing opinion to the authorised narrative, have their personal details taken and recorded for later use, or in many case, immediately.

Your own Covid-19 test is purely voluntary, but should you resist, we just brought these guys along to help. We need to speak to your grandmother. She was at the bingo and may have come into contact with someone we suspect of having Covid-19 and need to bring her in for questioning. She may be gone some time.”

It’s not quite clear at this stage as to how your ‘self-imposed’ quarantine is to be policed but I would imagine electronic bracelets would be one option, raising an alarm if you leave your home. The tracking technology the governments have already been using in your mobile phone will also be utilised, but probably down the line some form of chip will be implanted This will be permanent. We are nearly there.

One small solution is, if you really need a smartphone for work, if you still have work, to try to limit where you take it. If you’re not working I would suggest that you never carry it out of the house. If that’s the case, why have one at all? It is simply a tool for tyrants and making it easy for them to interfere with your life and that of your whole household.

Would you be a Contract Traitor?

What kind of person takes on such a job? Is it you? If so, then shame on you. You are a traitor to your friends, family and fellow man, woman and child. You are a degenerate traitor to humanity. You should be ‘contact traced’ wherever you go and hounded for life, if not worse.

There’s a saying that scum always rises to the top. Think of the worst person you know. Think of the worst kind of person you could imagine being one of these pernicious spies for the state getting $65,000 a year to spy on you as you rely on Universal Benefit Income and struggle to feed your family. Don’t think for a minute that they won’t sell you out to anyone paying such money in a poverty stricken world. They won’t care if you’re a friend or friend of a friend, family or work colleague. They will betray anyone to anyone who pays their wages with the lame excuse of:-

“I’m only doing my job. Bend over.”

(Thanks to Alan Watt for some of the information contained in this article)