By Helena Handbasket, May 19th 2020

Having been to four so-called ‘protests’ against the imposed lockdown in Florida, it is very clear that these protests achieved nothing at all. The lockdown continues with scraps thrown to the public to give them the illusionary small crumbs of comfort from the heavily laden tables of dictatorial governors in their respective states and that these power hungry ‘servants’ of the people are simply doing their best to keep them safe in their solitude.

These small crumbs are what many Americans will be left with as this agenda continues to roll forward and food on the tables of American families becomes more scarce and definitely more expensive, particularly meat and other essentials needed to maintain good health.

These protests were hijacked from the start by political entities, predominantly Trump worshippers, which immediately alienated anyone wishing to protest the same issue from the left wing of the US political landscape. For the predominant group, the Trump faction, these protests were not against a system which was leading them towards tyranny, it was more to do with blaming the other faction of the political landscape for lockdowns across the nation.

It is blatantly clear that this has nothing to do with a right or left faction. It is blatantly clear that this has nothing to do with government. It is blatantly clear that government is simply the talking head of an evil hydra of vested interests which the public is only being given a glimpse of. Bill gates talks, government obeys; again, blatantly obvious.

Most western governments present themselves as ‘democratic’ and the public perception, a blind perception, is that we all have a say in what the government does and does not get to do, that we the people somehow have the power to dispute and protest peacefully anything the government does to that we don’t agree with because it is not acting in our best interests. The American constitution clearly states that this can be done by force by the people if their government becomes tyrannical.

We are at that point right now under the guise of Covid-19 with tyrannical diktats being spewed forth by megalomaniac Governors and other political puppets.

A potentially lethal virus is a wonderful weapon of fear to prevent any such action by the people against their tyrannical politicians; they are not even ‘allowed’ to gather in groups of sufficient numbers to protest such tyranny. To do so will bring Draconian punishment.

However, when people turn up heavily armed, the governors etc. tend to loosen their grip slightly, albeit while maintaining shackles public behaviour, but the agenda has still advanced to a point where the dictator backs off a little only to come back later to continue the progress of the agenda to the next stage.

This political polarisation has been deepened or strengthened over decades, depending on what side of the paradigm you’re on. This has been done through each administration, Republican and Democrat, and has been used against the American people to divide them into two rival factions who are utterly loyal to their respective factions, regardless of the wrongs done by their own side. The other side is to blame and vice versa. It is a game of poker played out in every state in America to the detriment of everyone in America, other than those shuffling the deck of cards and double dealing from the bottom of the pack with bluff and double bluff (lies) being the normal state of affairs.

Everyone knows this, and yet, they still keep voting for the double dealers, liars, thieves, perverts and warmongers. Why?

“Because that’s just the way it is.”

“I can’t do anything about it anyway.”

Those are simply pathetic excuses for a people who have accepted their own enslavement and who contribute to a state of affairs by voting for such criminals which should be treated with utter contempt and disgust from every rational thinking American.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. Our current contrived ‘crisis’ is set to move the world towards a dystopian future for ourselves, our children, our grandchildren and all future generations, and yet, most people are totally oblivious to the reality of the situation we face. They will dutifully go out, if they’re allowed out, in November this year and put their X in a box to select the next tyrant who they expect to ‘make America great again’ and be grieviously disappointed when  that doesn’t happen, no matter how much they want to delude themselves that it is. It is a prime example of cognitive dissonance that as the world is falling apart around you and as your freedoms are rapidly stripped from you, that you still believe in the American dream and that you have a constitution which guarantees you the right to Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness even as the dream turns into a present day nightmare of mass surveillance, tyrannical diktats from petty bureaucrats and the words of ‘experts’ being the truth, regardless of any contradictory facts.

Until the American public remove themselves from tunnel vision political polarisation, if they ever do, and start to open their eyes to the real society being forced upon them, they will leave a world for future generations who have no future, a world devoid of human interaction, a planet claimed by a relatively few individuals for their own benefit and a slave class of the population to serve their needs however degenerate those needs are.

Wake up America.

The American eagle is dead and the two winged vulture is feeding on its remains.