By Helena Handbasket

I’ve always been a little curious as to why Sweden didn’t go into lockdown as did its Scandinavian neighbours.

I thought that perhaps it may have been something to do with its major immigration problem and  that sector of Swedish society would not have adhered to any type of lockdown, and as is the case already, act as if Swedish law doesn’t apply to them.

Any deaths which have been attributed to Covid-19 are, as with anywhere else in the world, dubious, if not outright lies.

So why didn’t Sweden lockdown and destroy its economy like the rest of us?

The video below should give you a very good reason. Sweden had already sold its soul to the new normal society expected of the rest of us and is now acting as a potential role model for Europe, albeit pushed by the BBC (Bastards Broadcasting Communism)  and the wider world outside of the extreme Chinese model which may be a step too far, at least in the short term, for most western nations. And of course, the BBC asks the question, “So could the UK learn from how Sweden is doing it?”

Is this really the way we want to spend the rest of our lives, unable to talk to strangers in any capacity in any area of our lives? We are social creatures who thrive on connections with other likeminded people and need such connections for our own sanity. We are not meant to be solitary figures within the mass of human beings around us.

If anything, Sweden should be taken as a warning to us all that a society built on non-human contact other than a couple of people you already know is doomed to madness. Keep in mind that if this type of societal model is introduced in your country, you will never be allowed to meet another person face to face.


Look at the video again. You are not ALLOWED to sit on a rug on the grass OUTSIDE a bar with any more than two friends. So you can’t have two couples going out together.

You are not ALLOWED to order food or drinks from the bar; table service only, except that there are no tables. There are no chairs. The reason? You are not ALLOWED to drink standing upright!

You are not ALLOWED to mingle!

Dancing is BANNED!

The presenter of this insanity says that people are ‘enjoying the vibe’. Is she a lunatic? I would suggest so.

She states that her venue usually hosts 2,500 people but the authorities have decided that she can now only host 30 people at a given time. That is clearly not economically viable and shows that this video is nothing more than a propaganda piece by the BBC. It looks like a bunch of people acting out a role for a promotional video. It is idiocy.

One ‘customer’ states that she feels like she’s doing something criminal (being out in public I guess) but follows that up by saying that she wanted to support the venue because she always went there. How can she say this when it’s clearly not the same venue anymore? What was it that attracted her to the venue in the first place? Perhaps meeting other people? Ordering from the bar? Having a table and chairs available? Being able to stand up when she wanted to? Being able to dance with anyone she wanted to? Being able to dance at all?

Nobody should support such establishments. Money still talks and these people should be put out of business if they wish to treat their patrons like lab rats.

Local ‘inspectors’ scour venues to make sure owners are complying with insanity.

Again, this is another staged promo video by the BBC

The second example given is supposedly a bar which had been previously shut down for two days for breaking the new rules. They reopened putting Perspex sheeting between certain sections of the venue and marking the floor where seating has to be placed. It has to stay where it is. The manager is ‘telling people off’ for hugging their best friends and ‘not to interfere’ with other groups of people. ‘Interfering’ is normally meeting other groups of people in pubs. That’s what people go to pubs for. Since when did that become interfering?

So again, no meeting or even talking to other ‘strange’ patrons in the bar.

The manager further states that his job is risky because he is ‘exposed’ to other people. Is this person sane? Utter madness, but the Swedes are apparently conforming.

Perhaps the word cabbages comes to mind if this is the mental state of the average Swede today; but I doubt that’s the case.

As mentioned above, this is clearly a BBC propaganda piece with no commentary from Swedes who disagree with such insanity. There must be many, because nobody with two brain cells to rub together would think that this is a good idea or even a logical means of living in society, because it is not living. It’s strange that I can’t find any other images to back up this BBC propaganda piece which would make me highly suspicious that this is indeed happening across the board in Sweden and would seem to indicate that this is merely a primer for the UK to see how people will react to such measures after being locked up for months. Perhaps desperation will make the British people conform to this insanity and even more extreme measures to ‘keep them safe’.

If it is happening across the board in Sweden then it is a swift descent into mental illness on a grand scale and glimpse of a Scandinavian society on the brink of self-destruction with the nauseous normals and social disconnection of the BBC there for all to see.

‘Black market’ socialising is the only way to go if you want to have any form of normality in your life. Whatever it takes to meet up with your fellow human beings, to talk, discuss ideas, plans for your future, meeting your lifelong partner etc., etc., etc..

It sounds like a war situation and that’s exactly what it is and so those that can think for themselves will find ways of avoiding such abominable venues who wish to bring human, face to face contact to an end. So be it. I don’t care if every bar, restaurant, cinema, club etc., close tomorrow.

If they go down this road of madness then I suggest you socially distance yourself from them as they are no longer fit for purpose.