By Courtney Adam Lawrence

It seems the Island of Mann has caught the same dis-ease as the rest of the world. But why?

Please gift me half an hour of your life to read this – you may be surprised at how we have arrived here. You may feel something is wrong as, if we reflect, Hitler never achieved such tyranny – so fast.

Over 100 countries have got themselves into an enormous mess due to their social media induced, financially (not health) driven, knee-jerk reaction.  They panicked and enslaved us, and we on the Isle of Man/Mann just went along with an unthinking PLANdemic script. A script handed to our ‘leaders’ by others. At this moment such people feel they have no liability; however, under Common Law jurisdiction they do.

Their ‘cure’ is far, far worse than the invented, world control agenda, covid-19 PLANdemic. Always remember in ‘law and order’ that Law, as in true Common Law, comes before order. That battle is what we are seeing unfolding before us. Look, think and verify for yourself; only then can we each make an informed decision. This, more than anything, is a spiritual battle. Our choices are better questions and free speech; their weapon of choice is: force of ‘law’.

Please read these pages, then answer: is this an unimaginable PLANdemic crime, true or false? T / F


For 30 years they’ve been trying to make a coronavirus vaccine and failing, as test animals died T / F

The 2012 ‘coronavirus ferrets’ showed high blood anti-bodies; but on wild re-infection all died T / F

In 2014 President Obama shut down bioweapons programmes after three lab’s had ‘releases’ T / F

The CDC, Health and Human Services and publicly paid scientists all profit from ‘more vaccines’ T / F


20th September 2019 President Trump ends US funding of Wuhan lab’ coronavirus research T / F

30th September 2019 Chinese scientists laid off in Wuhan; suddenly they were not in demand T /F

1st October 2019 the first case of covid-19 was reported T / F

18th October 2019 John’s Hopkins University hold Event 201 pre-planning for a global pandemic T / F

Blind Dates

19th March 2020, the UK NHS announce covid-19 infections have peaked T / F

23rd March 2020 the UK introduces an unlawful, 320 page, covid ‘act’ with no open discussion T / F

April 2020 flag mis-folding on TV behind Boris Johnson exacerbates death imagery red crucifix T / F

May 2020 the UK’s Matt Hancock continues to be handed a daily, unscientific, marketing script T / F

Might Dr Scott A. Atlas – be our guide?

The overwhelming majority of people do not have any significant risk of dying from covid-19 T / F

Protecting older, at-risk people eliminates hospital overcrowding T / F

Vital population immunity is prevented by total isolation policies, prolonging the problem T / F

People are dying because other medical care is not being done due to hypothetical projections T / F

We have a clearly defined population at risk who can be protected with targeted measures T / F

Data Doctoring

There is no increase in mortality across the world – no pandemic – but ‘substitution’ deaths T / F

Lockdown has failed on every health measure across the world, if we study all the evidence T / F

The latest flu vaccine (Flucelvax) was cultured in a dog cell line – dogs are full of coronaviruses T / F

Testing Times

Kits include: Abbott, Accula. BGI. BioFire, GenMark. Maccura. Sciencell. GenMark, Lyra. Luminex. Simplexa. – all such tests warn of inaccuracy, cross contamination and false positives T / F

Running too many (35 plus) PCR ‘test cycles’ causes inaccuracy of diagnosis (almost all do this) T / F

Presence of a virus doesn’t mean it is responsible for any symptoms the person is experiencing T / F

The ‘test’ produces impossible results including ‘positives’ in: pawpaw fruit, goats, and rabbits T / F

Masking The Truth

There has never been any scientific proof that masks actually work to stop viral infection T / F

A surgeon only wears a mask to protect a patient whose guts / gonads he/she has just cut into T / F

We breathe in for health, then breathe out naturally to remove our waste process products T / F

A virus is 100 nm, so it passes through the finest of filters of any face mask T / F

Unmasking by Dr Russell Blaylock, US Neurosurgeon

A face mask causes oxygen levels to drop (hypoxia) and impairs healthy immune function T / F

By wearing a mask not all the exhaled viruses will be able to escape and some will be rebreathed in the nasal passages, enter the olfactory nerves and travel into the brain T / F

People with cancer, especially if the cancer has spread, will be at further risk from prolonged hypoxia as the cancer grows best in a microenvironment that is low in oxygen T / F

Celling Humanity Short

The human body has 4 trillion cells T / F

The human body has 30 – 60 trillion bacteria T / F

The human body has 300 – 600 trillion viruses T / F

Repeated, obsessive, hand washing is counter-productive (unless you’re Dr Pontius Pilate) T / F

How to Make The Vulnerable Well

Ensure the at-risk population receive daily air time and natural vitamin D exposure T / F

Ensure they don’t wear masks, based on fear and ignorance of science T / F

Ensure they eat nutritious clean food and abundant, non-fluoridated, water T / F

Suggest they study Dr Paul Harch ‘Intermittent high dosage oxygen treats COVID-19 infection’ T / F

Lessons From History

There is only one US ‘exempt from legal liability product’ since 1985 on earth… it is: the vaccine T / F

There has been a private, non-discovery, gagging clause, US Vaccine Harms ‘court’ since 1986 T / F

The unvaccinated child is healthier, on every measure, than those vaccinated – as studies show T / F

A US child from birth to 18 years old receives a total of 72 doses of 16 vaccines, so we’re next T / F

I’ve Never Looked

I have never seen ‘death’ listed on the HPV vaccine insert (but then I’ve never actually looked) T / F

The English city of Leicester, from 1885, eliminated smallpox by not vaccinating T / F

When America banned the pesticide DDT (1974 – 1979) polio magically ‘went away’ T / F

Vaccines contain: mercury, aluminium, pesticides plus baby, and animal, abattoir pieces T / F

On 8th May 2020 Nature published the brain autopsy findings Paper of Dr Chris Exley, showing very high aluminium levels in people with: Alzheimer’s… Autism… and Multiple Sclerosis T / F

Follow The Money

The model of Dr Neil Ferguson of Imperial College over-estimated covid-19 deaths by 3,000% T / F

Imperial College received nearly £200 million of Bill Gates funding – ‘pure’ conflicts of interest T / F

Bill Gates via his ‘charitable’ foundation is keen to develop a $ trillion vaccine T / F

Gates has funded every aspect of ‘health’ with billions of dollars and has a depopulation agenda T / F

Matron Is Venting

A US ‘Covid case’ admission earns $13,000 from Medicare T / F

A US ‘Covid case’ put on a ventilator earns $39,000 and the patient is put into an induced coma T / F

Emergency specialist Dr Cameron Kyle-Sidell, says it is “oxygen starvation, not lung function” T / F

Dr Ken Stoller ‘there is a 90% mortality rate of those put on ventilators” T / F

The ‘cure’ will kill more than the dis-ease

Chris Schaffner of Well Being Trust predicts 75,000 US substance abuse deaths from lockdown T / F

Elderly deaths are being hastened by unlawful, and inhuman, use of Do Not Resuscitate notices T / F

Flu vaccines increase non-flu respiratory viral infection susceptibility between 36% to 600% T / F

To date over 30 million US jobs have been lost, for an infection less harmful than the 2017 flu T / F

One billion children are being programmed to be in fear 24/7, with unimaginable consequences T / F

Who is The Criminal?

Medics who inject vaccines that have never ever been tested for safety against an inert placebo T / F

A Manx medic who in April 2020 was reported (by me) to the GMC for crimes against humanity T / F

Policemen working for a for-profit corporation using ‘legal force’ not true Law, during lockdown T / F

Manx media who are complicit in blocking scientific, health-based debate on the Isle of Man T / F

Sacred Space

Is it fair on taxpayers if the Manx public sector pension liability increased (from £3 to £4billion during this current parliament) – while we have food bank collection trolleys around the Island? T / F

A country would send beautiful ripples around a fractured world if truth was their only currency T / F

Could that be the Isle of Man, holding truth, clean food and clean water as absolutes? T / F

We are here only as guardians and custodians, not greedy owners, of our legacy T / F

Homework, 9 minutes of videos

Bill Gates, the eugenicist, from 2 mins 40: T / F

‘Twin’ Towers on 9/11 … not exactly: T / F

I get all my news from the BBC (although they hid Jimmy Savile’s crimes for three decades) T / F

Study what will be in the next generation vaccines: quantum dots, plus micro-chipping to travel T / F

I will read 1984 by George Orwell, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 and Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars T / F

I will view Jordan Peterson and his evidence of surveillance states and political corruption T / F

I’ve Never Studied but will read:

The Peanut Allergy Epidemic by Heather Fraser (with a vaccine needle on the front cover) T / F

Dissolving Illusions by Dr Suzanne Humphries (the actual scientific history of vaccine policies) T / F

How To End The Autism Epidemic by J.B. Handley T / F

The HPV Vaccine On Trial by Mary Holland, Kim Mack Rosenberg, Eileen Iorio T / F

I’ll view and read the book: Plague of Corruption by Dr Judy Mikovits T / F

I wish to receive more detailed emailed information of these crimes on 1st July 2020 T / F