Helena Handbasket  – The Irish Sentinel

Child abuse used to be a major crime in most so-called ‘civilised societies’ and there were supposed to be strict laws and punishments for those who acted in such a manner. Things have now changed in that regard with wilful abuse now being mandated by diktats from government officials and non-elected agencies. With the bogus Covid-19 ‘crisis’ it now seems that societal change in the form of ‘social distancing’ (an oxymoron) and ‘new normals’ (what’s new is NOT normal)) it would appear that child abuse in the form of psychological torture is now to become ingrained into children when they go to school.

They will have to adhere to strict distancing rules which forbid them any contact with any of their fellow students or teachers within a defined circumference. Perhaps given the number of teachers in past years who have physically and sexually abused children in the past this may actually keep children safe from abusive teachers and sexual predators, but in the main it will simply socially isolate them from anyone.

Human beings are by nature social creatures. We need social interaction. It is part of who and what we are; it shapes us into the adults we ultimately become. We crave this interaction with our fellow human beings or we distance ourselves voluntarily from those we do not wish to interact with.

The only other places where this is controlled even to a lesser degree are mental health institutions and prisons. Our schools will be the breeding ground for the next round of inmates for such institutions as the psychological damage deliberately perpetrated on innocent children will be felt by parents and the wider societies in time as young adults are psychologically damaged to the extent that they will be unable, and perhaps even unwilling, to associate with their fellow human beings. This is not normal, new or otherwise.

This abuse of our children is a crime. Teachers who cooperate with such madness should themselves be the new inmates of prisons and/or institutes for the mentally ill. They are vicious child abusers although they claim they’re only ‘following orders’. If they have any conscience at all they should not inflict such abuse on children of any age. The same applies to those in our law and order establishment who take part in tyrannical actions against their own people.

But children really must be our real concern. If parents tolerate this abuse of their own children in an establishment whose stated aim is to ‘educate’, or as it should be called ‘indoctrinate’ our children, and allow the implementation of such insane policies within a school environment, then it is in FACT indoctrination to behavioural change. As stated above, this is not normal in any shape or form but teachers seem willing to shape the future of our children to make them believe that to interact with their fellow human beings is dangerous.

How then are such children to develop and grow up without interaction with their peers? How are they supposed to play? How are they to be children at all?

To forcibly separate children from their parents in the form of mandatory ‘schooling’ is an unnatural state of affairs within society as it is today, never mind from each other. This is something which does not happen in nature in either instance. Females in the main, although sometimes males, nurture their young and prepare them for adulthood. They do not shun them and send them off to another part of the woods or rivers to be ‘nurtured’ by strangers. They do not separate their offspring and put them in separate cages, and yet, that is exactly what is being done today to human offspring from a very early age.

France has allowed a partial return to schools but these are not the schools of the past where freedom to associate and play with your young friends was encouraged and which allowed lifelong friendships to develop. That was a normal human trait, albeit in an unnatural environment, but the human instinct for friendship and communication is learned and developed, primarily organically between human beings. Some learn to like each other whilst some learn not to like each other. This is natural.

What is bizarre is that child abuse has been normalised and natural behaviour has been criminalised.

To separate children from a very young age as they start on their so-called ‘educational journey’ through the education system is to teach them to fear their fellow human beings. This will of course continue through to young adulthood where they will inevitably be scarred by their experience which will have taught them to shun all social interaction with their peers unless it is expressly permitted in situations where it is unavoidable.

Imagine yourself right now as you read this, unable to communicate directly, face to face with another human being. Everything you do will be strictly controlled. You will not be allowed outside unless you have a permit to do so for a specific reason. Imagine not being allowed to converse directly with another human ever again. Imagine not being able to share life experiences and interests with family and friends. Imagine total social isolation akin to your own individual prison, formerly called your home.

This is the nightmare world of the future where human to human interaction is non-existent with the inevitable consequence that schools will no longer be required at all because isolated children will grow up to be isolated adults who will not interact with the opposite sex in any natural, physical manner with the inevitable consequence that without human contact and therefore human procreation, children will not be born.

Imagine a world without children.

That is not only child abuse, it is abuse against the human species.